Aether Gazer Skadi DPS Guide: Skills, Build & More

Skadi in Aether Gazer is a powerful DPS unit belonging to the Yggdrasil faction, specializing in the Ice element. Her preferred build focuses on a repetitive but effective rotation, making her an incredibly user-friendly character.

To fully harness her potential and take advantage of the ice resistance reductions offered by her team, you’ll need to obtain functor.

Unfortunately, her Skill 3 is currently underperforming and not optimized for maximum efficiency. Therefore, this guide will disregard its presence and solely focus on the most popular and effective way to build Skadi.

If you’re interested in exploring her Skill 3, often referred to as “jetski mode,” you’ll need to seek alternative sources for guidance.

That being said, let’s get started!

Skadi guide
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Skadi DPS Guide

With the Summer Event on the horizon, it’s time to take a closer look at the skill sets of the next limited character coming to Aether Gazer, Skadi.

1. Skill Set Rundown

Basic Attack

Charge attack by her does  413.4% of her ATK stat and hits twice. To enhance her combat efficiency, you can cancel the attack animation by using a dodge right after the second hit. This allows you to swiftly repeat the charge attack without delay.

It’s important to note that the basic attack introduction and DG gain won’t be covered in detail here, as they don’t directly contribute to her triple blue playstyle. (These numbers are based on her Basic Attack Skill Level 35.)

Skill 1

She unleashes a series of rapid sword strikes, dealing a significant amount of damage equal to 1871.8% of her ATK stat. Additionally, she gains 1 stack of the ‘Icebreaker’ mark with each use of this skill. Each ‘Icebreaker’ mark enhances her charge attack damage by 20% and increases her ice elemental damage by 10%.

The skill has a base cooldown of 9 seconds and can accumulate up to a maximum of 3 marks. (These numbers are based on her Skill 1 at Skill Level 35.)

Skill 2

She performs a swift dash and slash move, dealing damage equal to 1310.2% of her ATK stat. Upon successfully hitting the target, she gains 15 DG (Dodge Gauge). The skill has a base cooldown of 9 seconds. (These numbers are based on her Skill 2 at Skill Level 35.)

Ultimate Skill

Ultimate skill unleashes a powerful AOE attack, dealing damage equal to 1871.8% of her ATK stat to multiple enemies. It also boosts the charge attack damage of the entire team by 45% for a duration of 15 seconds. (These numbers are based on her Ultimate Skill at Skill Level 35.)

Perfect Dodge

By pressing and holding the dodge button, you can activate shield mode, which consumes your dodge meter. While in shield mode, all damage taken is reduced by 60%. You can also use more of your dodge meter to block the first instance of damage.

If you have at least 1 Icebreaker mark when you block, you will automatically exit shield mode and instead perform an instant charge attack, while becoming invulnerable.

When you dodge while moving, you deal ice damage to enemies along your dodge path, ranging from 100% to 212.8% of your ATK stat. This is considered skill damage.

Performing a perfect dodge grants you 1 Icebreaker mark.

2. Aether Code

The recommended Aether Code for S Skadi is triple blue, which is primarily chosen to optimize her Skill 1, Skill 2, and charge attack, while disregarding the underperforming Skill 3.

  • Blue 1 – When your Dodge Gauge (DG) is at 100%, using Skill 2 consumes 25 DG and freezes enemies for 2 seconds.
  • Blue 2 – When you have accumulated the maximum number of ‘Icebreaker’ marks, using Skill 1 consumes 1 ‘Icebreaker’ mark and boosts Skill 1 damage by 60%.
  • Blue 3 – Reduces the maximum charge time for her charge attack by 1 second. Additionally, landing the charge attack triggers a 1-second cooldown reduction for either Skill 1 or Skill 2 if they are currently on cooldown.

To effectively play Skadi during a stage, simply follow this sequence: Use Skill 2, then Skill 1, and spam the charge attack to reduce skill cooldowns. Repeat this rotation and focus on maximizing damage output.

3. Functor

Upon landing a charge attack or basic attack while in jetski mode, she reduces the enemy’s ice resistance by 12%, which lasts for 15 seconds. This reduction in ice resistance increases the damage dealt to the affected enemy. The amount of increased damage is calculated as 64% of the ice resistance percentage reduced on the enemy.

For example, if the ice resistance of enemy unit is lowered by 30%, she gains a 19.2% increase in damage against that specific enemy.

Due to the mechanics of her functor, she is most effective when paired with units that can help her further reduce enemy ice resistance if she is being used as a DPS character.

4. Sigil Recommendations

(Note that these are for Skadi as main DPS)

[Set 1: With S Poseidon on team]

Vanargand’s Seal

Ice DPS set, exists in-game prior to the patch, can pre-farm if you want to. Placement: 1, 3, 5

Griffins’ Pride

Crit% set. Placement: 2, 4, 6

[Set 2: Without S Poseidon on team]

Icy Edge of Frozen Seas

New set that comes with Skadi debut. Upon skill/ult hit, decreases enemy ice resistance by 10%, lasts for 8 seconds. Increased effect against enemies that are currently CC resistant from 10% to 18%. Effect cannot be stacked. Placement: 1, 3, 5

5. Enchant Priority

Enchant Priority

6. Team Building

(The best team you can build for Skadi)

Skadi Team 1
Image by Clashiverse

If you choose to use Skadi as the main DPS in your team, Poseidon’s sigils will need to be changed from the old ice DPS sigils to the new ice support sigils. Poseidon’s role will shift to freezing enemies and applying ice resistance shred using her skill 2 passive and sigil, while also dealing damage as a Sub-DPS.

Also, Poseidon’s functor also enhances her ice resistance shred, making it highly valuable for this team composition.

Potential Skadi FAQs

Q: Should I aim for SS or higher?

A: Besides considering the meta, reaching SS rank provides your functor with a +2 transcendence level. This increases the damage buff based on ice resistance reduction from 64% at functor rank 1 to 96% at functor rank 1+2.

But, if we focus on the meta, there might be more popular characters to save resources for after the Skadi patch. Therefore, it’s important to plan accordingly.

Q: Why is her Skill3 so frowned upon?

A: Her Skill 3 deals very low damage, so using it actually decreases your overall DPS. It’s more effective to ignore the skill and act as if it doesn’t exist. Also, the dodge animation during ‘jetski mode’ leaves you vulnerable to attacks and can result in getting defeated.

Q: Why isn’t Philosopher’s on Skadi’s sigil recommendations?

A: Philosopher’s sigil is not suggested because its effect is diminished when she is using the triple blue. This is because she doesn’t require the passive Dodge Gauge (DG) gain provided by Philosopher’s sigil in that particular build.

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