Anime Ball Value List 2024 (Trade Weapons & Explosions)

Do often struggle to find a definitive value list of the most popular weapons and explosions in the Anime Ball game? Use our comprehensive Anime Ball Value list! This list is constantly updated with the latest values, so you can always be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Anime Ball value list
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Anime Ball Trading Value List (June 2024)

The value of items in the Anime Ball game is always changing, just like the game itself. New weapons, accessories, and explosions come out all the time, and some become more or less popular over time.

Hence, remember to come back to this page for updates!

Anime Ball – Exclusives Value List

Rapture Edge 15K 2/10
Excalibur 30K 5/10
Gear Blade 45K 7/10
HallowBlade 65K 5/10
Samehada 60K 8/10
Hallow-Scythe 10K 2/10
Angel Dweller 150K 10/10
Chroma Shears 80K 5/10
Flamebreath 65K 8/10
Zephyral Guardian O/C 10/10
WaterBreath 35K 7/10
Wrath Blade 25K 4/10

Anime Ball – Mythics Value List

Rage Shield 225K 7/10
Hero’s Shield 175K 7/10
Beast Slayer 150K 5/10
Emerald Reaper 275K 7/10

Anime Ball – Legendaries Value List

Sevenfold Strike 15K 3/10
Spooky Shears 45K 6/10
Axe of Pride 15K 6/10
Toru 15K 6/10
Demon Blade 10K 4/10
Lustrious Light 15K 4/10
SoulStealer 10K 3/10
Blade of Darkness 20K 8/10
Crimson Moon 35K 7/10
Jack-O-Reaper 15K 4/10
Devil Dweller 20K 6/10
Exorcist Sword 15K 4/10
Guardian Spear 20K 7/10

Anime Ball – Explosions Value List

Wrath Death Exclusives 12.5K 4/10
Rupture Death Exclusives 7.5K 2/10
Fire Vortex Exclusives 25K 6/10
End Game Exclusives 15K 4/10
Water Explosion Exclusives 20K 5/10
Rainbow Explosion Exclusives 75K 10/10
Steam Burst Exclusives 20K 5/10
Aqua Burst Exclusives 15K 6/10
Hero Explosion Legendaries 15K 7/10
Gloom Burst Legendaries 10K 5/10
Blood Gaze Legendaries 15K 6/10
Red Shockwave Legendaries 5K 2/10
Dark Abyss Mythics 50K 10/10

If you’re looking for a value for an item that’s not on the list, it’s probably because it’s brand new and hasn’t been traded enough times yet to get a firm value.

Don’t worry, we’ll add it to this Anime Ball value list as soon as it’s worth enough to make it worth including.

And that concludes our Anime Ball value list for June 2024! Look out for changes in the future.