Anime Fighting Simulator X Beginners Guide Wiki: Stands, Quest, more

Anime Fighting Simulator X is here, the follow-up to the popular Anime Fighting Simulator game. Made by a bunch of talented game developers at BlockZone, it’s got new stuff, better gameplay, and a real immersive experience for all you anime and fighting game fans out there.

As you start, you get pulled right into the wicked universe. Your main aim is to be the strongest fighter, learning mighty abilities, and deciding whether you’re a hero or a villain. Fighting enemies, taking on tough quests, and exploring a massive world, it’s all part of the adventure!

The Beginner’s Path: A Journey of Growth

Boom Boom, the friendly NPC
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Initial Quests and Training

When you start the game, you’re just a newbie fighter with no money or skills. First, chat with “Boom Boom,” the friendly NPC, to get your initial quests: gain 10 strength and 10 ability. They’ll teach you the basics of training and fighting.

Take your time with these quests, they set the groundwork for your character’s growth. As you progress, you’ll notice your strength and ability shoot up, making you a real force.

Chakra Training and the Quest for Power

Boom Boom will then challenge you to collect 20 chakra. It is necessary energy for your powers and special attacks. Train hard to achieve this goal and you will advance.

When you reach a particular level, you’ll receive your Stand, a powerful companion who battles alongside you and grants you amazing abilities.

Obtaining Your Stand

One of the most exciting milestones in Anime Fighting Simulator X is the collection of your Stand. Stands are unique and powerful companions that fight alongside you, granting you exceptional abilities and advantages in combat.

To obtain your Stand, you’ll need to accumulate 5000 Yen. Yen is the in-game currency used for various purchases, upgrades, and power-ups. If you have any game passes from the previous game, you might already have this amount, giving you a head start.

When choosing your Stand, keep in mind that “Silver Chariot” is not recommended due to its limited effectiveness. “A Hand” is a decent option for beginners, but don’t worry too much about it, as you can always change or improve your Stand later in the game.

Embrace the Path of Hero or Villain

In this game, you got to make a choice – join the Heroes or the Villains. Each side’s got its own quests, rewards, and stuff to do. Now, the choice you make isn’t going to change the gameplay much, but it adds a bit of fun role-playing to the mix.

If you fancy being a Hero, head on over to the Hero HQ, which is easy to spot on the map. Once inside, you will meet some famous characters like Naruto, who’ll greet you and set you up with quests to build up your Hero rep.

Now, if you prefer the darker path, make your way to the Villain HQ, tucked away in the spooky Volcano area. There, you’ll meet Juan and join the Villain crew. Do some tasks to raise your Villain rank and become a notorious baddie.

Training and Progression Strategies

Defeating Thugs for Yen
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Defeating Thugs for Yen

As you progress through the initial quests, you’ll encounter Thugs that you can defeat to earn Yen. These early enemies are relatively straightforward to defeat, and with your Stand and abilities, you’ll find them to be excellent Yen sources.

For maximum efficiency, consider investing in a Yen boost. Yen boosts can be obtained through game passes, the starter bundle, or sometimes from owning game passes in the previous game. With a Yen boost, you’ll significantly increase your Yen earnings from defeating Thugs and other opponents.

The Nomu Strategy

If you’re looking to score some serious Yen right when you begin your journey, taking down Nomu is the best way to go. He is a real powerful boss who pops up at regular intervals, giving you a chance to rake in a hefty amount of Yen.

To bring down Nomu, make sure you unleash your most powerful abilities, like “Heavy Punch” and “Fourth Gate.” These moves can help you take down Nomu quickly.

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The Role of Champions

You’ll get the chance to unlock Champions like Super Son, Pickle, Blossom, and more. These bad boys are proper strong allies who’ll have your back in battles and make you a right badass fighter.

Just keep smacking mobs and enemies, and your Champions will level up. The more fights they’re in, the more experience they get, making them stronger and deadlier.

Shiny Rocks

Shiny Rocks are necessary to evolve your Champion into a Shiny one. It takes 10 Shiny Rocks to upgrade one Champion, which boosts its stats and enhances its Special Ability if it has one.

You can get Shiny Rocks by completing quests, defeating Overworld Bosses, or taking down the Pain Boss at spawn. To use your Shiny Rocks, head to the Shiny Lab and access the Shiny Machine.

Please note that Champions purchased with Robux cannot be upgraded.

One Tail Shards

One Tail Shards are used to upgrade the Half-Form of the One Tailed Transformation, which you get from Shukaku. To upgrade your special, simply interact with Gora and spend 10 One Tail Shards.

Boss Spawn

All the times for boss spawns are listed below. “XX” represents any given hour.

  • XX:00 – Hand Demon
  • XX:10 – Great Ape
  • XX:20 – Arlong
  • XX:30 – Armored Titan
  • XX:40 – Shukaku
  • XX:50 – Frieza

That’s all for today! In this comprehensive Anime Fighting Simulator X beginners guide, we’ve covered the essential steps to maximize your growth and success in the game.

Remember to train diligently, acquire powerful allies, and always be open to discovering new secrets and challenges. Before you leave, check out the latest Anime Fighting Simulator X abilities guide, Anime Fighting Simulator X Codes, Anime Fighting Simulator X Trello, how to get Ice Devil Fruit in Anime Fighting Simulator X, how to get Frog Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X, how to get the Striker Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X, how to get the Skateboard Mount in Anime Fighting Simulator X, and Anime Fighting Simulator X Scripts list.

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