Anime Power Simulator Update 0.5 log & patch notes

Roblox Anime Power Simulator received a new version update 0.5 on January 25th, 2023. This update 0.5 version introduces a number of adjustments to the main gameplay as well as some new components such as mobile user AFK, High Rarity auto lock, and more. All of these updates were made to address any issues that users experienced previously in the game.

You can also check out our Anime Power Simulator Trello post to learn about promo codes and characters available in the game.

Anime Power Simulator Update 0.5 log


  • NEW “Server Uptime” text in the settings, so you can see how long the server has been running.
  • raid Display on Teleporter (little icon next to teleport button to show raid location)
  • NEW “FAST SUMMON” gamepass that can be used to quickly summon characters.
  • mobile user afk
  • High Rarity autolock


  • sold unit coins will display now
  • an issue where two songs played at the same time has been fixed
  • fixed an issue where you wouldn’t get the ticket back if you leave the raid before it started
  • Unknown units not appearing in inventory fixed


  • the maximum level cap has been set to level 40
  • raid tickets are now harder to get.
  • raids are more frequent

Make sure you go to the Anime Power Simulator page to test the new Update 0.5 yourself!