Best Anime Punch Simulator Script Commands (March 2024)

Anime Punch Simulator script commands can practically do anything you want in an enormous world full of possibilities. To help you experience the full potential of the game, here, we’re providing you with the scripts of Anime Punch Simulator.

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Anime Punch Simulator script commands for March 2024

These popular script commands for Anime Punch Simulator will help you to unlock features like Auto Hatch Eggs, Infinite Coins, and more.

Infinite Gems

loadstring(game:HttpGetAsync("", true))()

90+ features


Auto Farm | Auto raid

loadstring(game:HttpGetAsync("", true))()

Inf Power | Inf Coins


Auto Kill Mobs | Auto Equip Best Pets | Auto Hatch Eggs | AutoRankUp


How to apply script commands in Anime Punch Simulator

To enter script commands in Anime Punch Simulator, you need to download an executor. Various Executors are available online, both free and paid. Some popular are Krnl, Hydrogen, etc. Follow the steps given below once you have downloaded an executor.

  • Open the Executor application and run the Anime Punch Simulator game in the background.
  • Copy the script from the list and paste it inside the input script section of your executor.
  • Click on the Run prompt to start the execution process.
  • After you see a success notification, the relevant auto features will be unlocked.

About Anime Punch Simulator

Anime Punch Simulator is, like, totally awesome game on Roblox! You just click to get energy and defeat mobs to earn gems – it’s like your superhero mission. Then, you spin in the gacha with gems for cool surprises!

Fight in the raid to win the ultimate swords, explore new worlds, and have a blast! It’s all about earning, spinning, fighting, and exploring.

If you’re hungry for more scripts to dominate other Roblox games, our scripts database will help you turn yourself into a Roblox legend.