Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore Item Locations Guide

This guide tells you the location of an item or collectible, as well as the items needed to obtain it. Entries will be formatted like the below example.

  • Item Name: Required Items
  • Short description of how to obtain the item.

Faramore Town


Dungeon Key: Free
Head to the tavern and talk to Arven, the Barkeep. He tells you he knows how to build the “ultimate weapon” but lacks the materials to do so. He gives you this key hoping you’ll be able to go through the dungeons it opens and claim one of the ingredients.

Rudy Challenge 1: Bomb
Collect at least 1 Hidden Coin and talk to Rudy.

Citizenship Pass: Talk to Cypress in Durridin Forest
Once you’ve talked to Cypress, you can talk to Mayor Covenplate near the well and politely ask for a Citizenship Pass.

Rope Upgrade: Talk to Munhum, Beacon 2, 4 Rocks
After talking to Munhum in Cogwyn Caves and lighting the beacon in Anju Desert, you’ll find him sitting outside the blacksmith’s. He says he needs 4 rocks, eacha different color (Blue, Brown, Gray, Orange). Bring them to him, and he’ll increase the maximum amount of Rope you can carry to 99.

Canteen: Star Earring
In the tavern, you can find Brinda musing about her lost husband and the jewelry he promised her. Bringing her the Star Earrings rewards you with the Canteen.

Wallet Upgrade: Filch, Silver Cricket
After giving Filch the Golden Fly, you can find him sitting outside the tavern. Give him the Silver Cricket, and he’ll upgrade your wallet, from a maximum of 500 rubies to 999 rubies.

Price Reduction: Buy all 3 of Mortar’s Scrolls (1749 rubies total)
In Mortar’s Shop, you’ll see he has some of his music for sale. You won’t be able to buy them all at once, however. The first scroll is 250 rubies, the second is 500 rubies (the default maximum about you can carry), and the third is 999 rubies (requiring the wallet upgrade from Filch). After buying the third scroll, everything in Mortar’s shop costs 50% less.

Rudy Challenge 2: Rudy Challenge 1
Collect at least 5 Hidden Coins and talk to Rudy.

Lantern Upgrade: Give Cypress 3 House Plants
In the house next to the library, you’ll find cypress bemoaning his drab living space. He asks you to find 3 House Plants to spruce up his abode. Bring him the plants, and he’ll upgrade the maximum amount of Lamp Oil you can carry to 99.

Bomb Upgrade: Beacon 4, Compass
Once you’ve lit the beacon in Badonc Beach, you can talk to Barnabuss who will have lost his compass. Bring him the compass, and he’ll upgrade the maximum amount of Bombs you can carry to 99.

Power Stone Upgrade: Bomb Glove, Town Bell
After you find the Bomb Glove, Lord Kari will be standing on the second floor of the ramparts looking for the Town Bell. Bring him the bell, and he’ll upgrade the maximum amount of Power Stones you can carry to 99.

Beach Calendar: Defeat Duke Nodelki
In the library, you can find Count Denny, fuming over the loss of his castle to Duke Nodelki. Once you give Duke the boot, talk to Denny, and he’ll give you the Beach Calendar as a gift.

Purple Magic: Talk to Yukeen after collecting all 5 Jewel Shards
Once you have all five shards of the Jewel of Faramore, go to the blacksmith’s and talk to Yukeen. You’ll find out you only needed one shard for your sword, but Boru chimes in and says he has a use for the rest. One shard is used on your sword, while the other four ate used to grant you the power of Purple Magic.

Help Dewey: Rope Ladder
You can give Dewey the Rope Ladder to help him down. He gives you 200 rubies as thanks.

Rudy Challenge 3: Rudy Challenge 2
Collect at least 10 Hidden Coins, complete all other sidequests, and talk to Rudy.

Infinite Soulfire: After completing Rudy’s time trial in Lichen Hills, talk to him in his rathole. He will give you Infinite Soulfire as the ultimate badge of merit.


Bonus Room: Griffin Boots
Double-jump behind the Blue Magic wall and enter the bakery, it’s right above the entrance.

Candle 1: Griffin Boots
In the house next to the bakery, duckwalk through the chandelier.

Candle 2: Red Magic, Griffin Boots
In Cypress’ house, can be reached by standing on the right edge of the platform blocked by Blue Magic and doing a midair jump.

Hidden Coin: Purple Magic
In the library, right next to Dewey.

Durridin Forest


Sword Wave: Free
Go to the edge of the branch where you found the hidden coin. Jump right to find a walkable path through the canopy of trees, ending just under the path normally blocked by Blue Magic. Climb the stump and enter from here. The way forward is dark, but perfectly navigable.

Golden Fly: Bomb, Red Magic
Soon after the checkpoint, there’s a large cracked rock. Bombing the top reveals a hidden room, with two Red Magic walls. Breaking these (with either the Smart Gun or Sword Wave) allows you to claim the Golden Fly.

Cypress: Free
Once you exit the big tree hollow, you’ll find a wolf-man milling about. Swiping your sword reveals he’s actually friendly and wants to move into Faramore Town. However, Mayor Covenplate thinks he’s a monster and refuses. He kindly asks you to help change the Mayor’s mind.

Lantern: Citizenship Pass
After talking to Mayor Covenplate and obtaining the citizenship pass, go back and talk to Cypress. As thanks for putting a roof over his head, he gives you the Lantern.

Magic Chainmail: Defeat Klive, Bomb Glove, 3 Candles
After defeating Klive, walk rightward and you’ll find a Gray Magic wall. This can be destroyed with a strike from the Bomb Glove. Beyond that is a 3-Candle barrier. Dispel it and equip the Magic Chainmail.


Bonus Room: Free
In the big tree hollow, you’ll find the Bonus Room out in the open.

Candle 1: Red Magic
A little ways after the Bonus Room, you’ll find the first Sacred Candle behind a Red Magic wall.

Candle 2: Griffin Boots
In the area where you met Cypress, there’s a Candle on some

Hidden Coin: Free
In the small tree hollow just before the checkpoint flag, duckwalk in the bottom corner to find a secret path. Another secret path is accessible from the ladder within, and duckwalking through it leads you to the Hidden Coin.

Beacon 1: Free
This beacon is found just before the exit scroll.