Atelier Resleriana is coming! Pre-download on 23rd Jan 2024

There’s a new super fun game coming out called Atelier Resleriana, and you can start downloading it on January 23rd, 2024 as per the official Twitter Announcement! It’s like being an alchemist, just like in Harry Potter, but way more sparkly and colorful.

Meet Resna and Valeria!

In Atelier Resleriana, you get to play as Resna, a brave girl who’s on a quest to save the world with alchemy. She’s got a best friend named Valeria who’s super strong and always up for an adventure. They travel together, meeting new people, making potions, and fighting bad guys.

It’s like Making Magic Potions!

One of the best parts of Atelier Resleriana is making potions. You get to collect all sorts of ingredients, like flowers, mushrooms, and even sparkly stones.

Then you mix them together in your cauldron to create different potions that can do all sorts of things, like make you super strong, heal your friends, or even make you fly!

It’s More Than Just Potions!

But Atelier Resleriana isn’t just about making potions. You also get to explore a big, beautiful world full of forests, mountains, and even a giant clock tower! There are also lots of bad guys to fight, but don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Resna and Valeria have all sorts of cool attacks and special moves that they can use to take them down.

Mark your calendars for January 23rd and be ready to Pre-download Atelier Resleriana!