Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered Posters Guide 2024

Are you confused by cryptic characters and curious about classroom quirks? Our Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered Posters guide is your key to understanding the cryptic clues in the game’s posters.

We’ve given a detailed map of every helpful poster in the game that will help you reveal their secrets and unlock the path to survival.

We’ll also reveal the power of hidden items, like the rope-slashing Safety Scissors and the collision-busting Big Ol’ Boots. WD-NoSquee? Phone tricks? This guide has it all!

So, let’s jump right into it!

Baldi’s Basics Classic Remastered Posters & Their Meaning

Here is a detailed breakdown of all poster locations and how can they help you:

Helpful Posters

These posters are very helpful, read them!

School Rules Poster

This poster can be found at the very beginning of the game, and also in the principal’s office. It describes school rules, so you can avoid the principal’s detention.

Attention Poster

This poster can be found in the principal’s office. It describes, that characters can’t see through the window.

Characters’ Posters

These posters describe characters, and you can find them in the principal’s office.

Baldi’s Poster

This poster describes Baldi and also lets you know, that Baldi can hear everything. Well actually in the game he can only hear when you open a door and can go to the location, where the door was opened.

Playtime’s Poster

This poster describes Playtime, and her short memory, which means that Playtime will no longer remember, that you played with her.

Bully’s Poster

Doesn’t seem this poster will help you with anything. So just know, that Bully will grab the random thing from your inventory if you’ll walk toward him.

Principal’s Poster

This poster lets you know, that the principal will give you detention if you break a rule in his eyes.

Arts and Crafters’ Poster

This poster describes some stupid sock with eyes on Arts and Crafters, and also allows you to know, that he’ll go to the other location when you look at him too long.

But if you have all 7 notebooks, and you looked at him too long, he’ll teleport you to the nearest exit, but also will teleport Baldi with you.

Gotta Sweep’s Poster

This poster describes Gotta Sweep and lets you know that he sweeps everything, including you. That’s it.

1st Prize’s Poster

This poster describes 1st Prize and allows you to know that he loves hugging people, but the funny thing is, that in-game he hugs only you lol.

Items Posters

These posters describe items and their specialities.

Safety scissors’ Poster

You can find it in the 7th notebook location. It allows you to know, that you can cut playtime’s rope and also 1st Prize’s conductors!

Big Ol’ Boots Poster

You can find this poster inside one of the facility rooms. I don’t think this poster can help you, but here’s what Big Ol’ Boots can do Gotta Sweep and 1st Prize will pass through the player, so they will not collide with both said characters.

They can move at normal speed on conveyor belts regardless of the direction. They are not affected by Cloudy Copter’s wind. Whirlpools will not pull the player.

Grappling Hooks will not pull them in the direction it was shot. They will not be dragged around by Mrs. Pomp for being late for her class.

WD-NoSquee Poster

WD-NoSquee poster can be found in supplies. It tells you about WD-NoSquee, and how to use it.

Other Posters

Recycle your food Poster

This poster can be found in the dining room. It can’t help you with anything.

Phone Poster

This poster can be found near the pay phone or dining room. Describing the pay phone and Baldi’s weakness.

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading this BBCR posters guide.

Sincere thanks to kaktus1939 for helping us finish this guide!