Best Aces and Adventures Decks Guide (2023)

In Aces & Adventures, a well-crafted deck is key to success in the mythical world of Cardrasil. You must strategically balance attacks, spells, and high-value poker hands to defeat opponents and save the Life Tree. As you progress through the game, you can get powerful traits and tools from a library of 30 levels of advancement and 5 different characters, each with their own set of powerful skills.

In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best Aces and Adventures decks that can help you overcome the game’s escalating challenges and emerge victorious.

Best Aces and Adventures Decks Guide

Let’s dive into our first best deck in Aces and Adventures that will help you become a legendary hero:-

Magnor: The Warrior

Overview: This deck is seriously tough, focusing on big shield bashes and defensive retaliation. You’ll use your shields and health as resources to deal damage and reduce incoming attacks. This deck could be your ticket to triumph in Aces & Adventures, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

  • Speed: Slow
  • Survivability: High
  • Ease of Play: Challenging
  • Unrestricted Traits Required: No
  • Traits: Shield Bearer > Underdog > Shrug Off
  • WotB Pathing: Levels > Events > Card Shrines

Magnor: The Warrior

This deck is all about using Magnor’s insane shield-generating abilities to tank incoming damage like a boss while dishing out devastating blows with shield bash. Plus, when you defend successfully, you’ll hit back even harder! Just watch out early on not to blow all your ability cards or health before you’ve got all your traits online.

But once you hit max level, you’ll feel like a total badass balancing your health and dealing massive damage like it’s nobody’s business. With this deck, even the toughest encounters won’t stand a chance against you!

Trait Selection

When it comes to selecting your traits in Aces & Adventures, you want to make sure you’re making the right choices. First up, grab Shield Bearer. This’ll give you a handy shield every turn, and you can even stack up to two at a time! Use them to draw more cards and defend yourself while smashing enemies with Shield Bashes and Phantom Limb Strikes.

Your health is actually a resource in this game, so don’t be afraid to use Dig Deep and Forearm Block to draw and defend. And don’t forget about the Health Potion! The +1 version even boosts your max HP permanently, so definitely use it whenever you can – especially in War of the Branches.

Once you hit level two, go for Underdog. This little gem doubles your damage output if you’re at half health or lower. Pro-tip: the game rounds in your favor, so being at 7 HP out of 13 Max HP will still activate the double damage. So, let some attacks through and dip your HP below half to really unleash some serious damage.

Now, at level three, pick up Shrug Off (unless you already grabbed it earlier). This makes you even tougher, and you can sometimes just ignore attacks altogether. As long as you’re below half health and haven’t wasted your defensive abilities, you’ll be practically invincible. Even against tough bosses like Invernus!

Extra tips for the deck:

  • If you’re looking to beef up your defense in Aces & Adventures, then Defensive Stance +2 is a must-have buff. Trust me, it’ll make it way easier to defend yourself and dish out some serious damage.
  • Now, if you really want to upgrade your defense game to the next level, combine Armor Mastery +1 and Armor Mastery +2 with Defensive Stance. These cards will give you an insane amount of shield and defense, making it a cakewalk to take down enemies.
  • When it comes to multi-enemy encounters, Flailing Shield and Flailing Shield +2 are your go-to cards. Just activate Underdog and watch as you wipe out all your foes with ease.
  • Don’t forget to use Behind the Shield and Dig Deep to maintain a full hand of cards. You can even use some of those cards for chip damage or to add extra shields. You’ll cycle back to those cards before you know it.
  • Last but not least, make sure you use the hero ability Prepare as often as possible. This will help you draw powerful Kings, Aces, and Jokers, as well as Hearts for your Health Potions.

Nazim: The Mage

Overview: This explosive ability deck will keep your enemies pinned down while you hit them with some seriously high-powered spells. Watch as their health bar melts away in the face of your devastating attacks!

  • Speed: Fast
  • Survivability: Low
  • Ease of Play: Medium
  • Unrestricted Traits Required: Yes
  • Traits: Shamal > Evocation > Evocation
  • WotB Pathing: Ability Shrines > Levels > Merchants

Nazim: The Mage

This mage deck is the real deal! It’s all about taking advantage of the Unrestricted Traits option to grab Shamal as your first trait. This turns those difficult-to-cast spells into cheap or even free ones! Plus, you’ve got multiple ways to tap all enemies, which lets you stall for turns and use the Hero Ability Unearth and Flash of Insight cards to replenish your abilities quickly.

The best part? Encounters won’t last long with this deck. You’ve got plenty of hard-hitting spells for both single and multiple threats. And if things get dicey, you can use Armor of Frost to survive chip damage and defensive spells like Polar Wall and Wild Mana to block any rare attacks.

But that’s not all. As you level up and gain Evocation, your spells become even stronger, allowing you to end encounters rapidly. And if you really want to bring the pain, use Arcane Volley +2, the ultimate spell in your arsenal. Make it free and copy it in War of Branches to get as many as possible into the deck. With two Evocations, a single Arcane Volley can deal a whopping 18 damage across an encounter!

Trait Selection

To get the most out of this deck in Aces and Adventures, it’s best to start with the Shamal trait. With Shamal, you can use otherwise expensive spells like Ice Javelin. Additionally, it allows you to quickly cycle through your skills, providing you a benefit in battle.

For your second and third traits, go with Evocation. It’s like adding hot sauce to your meal – it adds an extra kick to nearly every card in the deck and makes your spells pack a serious punch. This is especially helpful when you’re facing a mob of enemies, as mass damage spells like Fireball and Arcane Volley +2 can wipe them out in one fell swoop.

While the Evocation traits are useful, they’re not essential to making the deck work. In Aces and Adventures, it’s better to focus on finding Ability Shrines to reduce the cost of your cards or copy powerful ones like Arcane Volley.

Extra tips for the deck:

  • Wild Mana is your go-to defensive card, because it lets you turn any two cards into Aces. And if you combine it with Polar Wall, you’ll have a powerful defense against First Strike encounters. Armor of Frost can also help you prevent damage, and if you cast it twice, you can tap all your targets like a pro.
  • Here’s the secret sauce – draw two abilities each turn with the Hero Ability Unearth and replenish quickly with multiple Flash of Insight cards. And don’t worry about hoarding your abilities as you’ll redraw soon enough, so stay close to max hand size for merchants and keeping your options open.
  • Want to keep your enemies locked down for multiple turns in a row? Use the many cards that tap targets to stall and redraw back to full over several turns. And if you’re approaching an Ability Shrine, always try to keep one Arcane Volley +2 in hand to duplicate it – having several free copies in your deck at the end game can trivialize even the toughest encounters!
  • Seal of Set can negate dangerous or annoying traits and make fights a breeze. And if you’re having trouble with suits, Card Trick +1 & +2 are your best friends as they can help you cast abilities and even let you attack with a Flush.
  • Last but not least, keep an eye out for powerful equipment from merchants. And if you’re running low on health, take a rest, because this deck doesn’t have a way to regain HP mid-fight.

Leilah: The Enchantress

Overview: This deck may seem deceptively fast, cycling through abilities to deal significant damage, but what sets it apart is its exceptional defense. With the ability to protect itself while delivering punishing blows, it’s a strong fortress that keeps getting stronger.

  • Speed: Fast
  • Survivability: High
  • Ease of Play: Simple
  • Unrestricted Traits Required: Yes
  • Traits: Dominance > Dominance > Dominance
  • WotB Pathing: Ability Shrines > Levels > Events > Merchants

Leilah: The Enchantress

Leilah deck takes advantage of the Unrestricted Traits option by choosing Dominance for all three level-ups. This means that any time you apply a debuff to an enemy without one, they’ll take 3 damage and your deck will draw 3 new abilities. And if you remove a debuff, you’ll deal another 3 damage, which can make for a pretty quick victory when debuffs are flying left and right. Plus, most debuffs are cheap and easy to cycle through, and the deck has a bunch of ways to deal extra damage, like Dormant Curse, Eldritch Snap, and Conduit +2.

To keep you in the fight, the Heart’s Burden cards let you recover missing HP, and Into the Lamp +1 is an incredible defensive buff that lets you ignore any amount of damage for a single ability card. Even at level 1, most fights won’t last more than a single turn, but the deck’s defenses can handle anything that drags on a bit longer.

And if your hand starts to run low or you’re out of debuffs to play, don’t worry. Ebb and New Wardrobe let you replenish your ability hand. The only real trouble you might run into is with enemies like Invernus, who have Resist and can sometimes get lucky with resist streaks. But even then, all you need is a single debuff to land and you’ll be drawing new abilities like crazy again.

Trait Selection

Choose the trait Dominance for all three levels to build a powerful deck. This trait is incredibly effective, causing a massive pileup of damage and providing a redraw advantage. Even with only one level of Dominance, the deck can function effectively.

In War of the Branches, prioritize hitting Ability Shrines to reduce the cost of Debuff cards and cycle through them easily to end encounters quickly. With a second copy of Dominance, the deck becomes even stronger, and with a third copy, you can finish encounters at lightning speed.

Extra tips for the deck:

  • There’s no need to save anything in this deck except for Ebb and New Wardrobe. Play all of your abilities as soon as possible! For wiping out groups of enemies in the early game, Conduit +2 is incredibly useful. In WotB, try to decrease its cost and Whim it back to quickly finish off these encounters.
  • For applying debuffs, Dormant Curse is the way to go, so use Whim to recall them and take advantage of the extra damage they cause. If you’re unlucky and have a full hand with no debuffs, use Into the Lamp +1 to cycle your ability hand.
  • During Invernus boss fights, keep Ebb and/or New Wardrobe in hand as a backup refill if you run out of debuffs.
  • Although this deck typically uses cards to block or recover HP, don’t forget that your Fate Weaving Hero Ability can also Wild Suit a card to pay for an ability when necessary!

Please share any other creative strategies or decks you may have with us in the comments section below.

We appreciate your time and wish you the best of luck in your Cardrasil journey!

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