Cards and Castles 2 Decks (Best decks for the 2024 meta)

Are you feeling lost in the labyrinth of Cards and Castles 2 deck-building strategies? Worry not, because you’ve stumbled upon the ultimate guide to crafting the best decks in Cards and Castles 2 game.

Here, I’ll be sharing some of the most powerful Cards and Castles 2 decks that’ll help you vanquish opponents quite easily.

Without ado, let’s get started!

Cards and Castles 2 Decks: Ultimate collection of best decks

Hyper Burn Agro
Image by Clashiverse

Hyper Burn Agro

Deck code: 15825X1U9WFA8P221CFI5G7KAM3J7M7Y7JBS11

It is a devastating deck at all levels of play and is new player-friendly since the only legends it runs are both ones you get for free. While it can be countered, it is a real menace to most decks and the meta as a whole, as it can steal games really easily, and games are extremely dependent on the first couple of turn plays.

The deck still has room for optimization. Books, mithril, Shadow Drake, and Hawk are all solid picks, as are a couple of other things. This deck was made from inspiration from magma’s aggro deck but I felt like it could be taken up a notch. Very cheap deck with only one epic card (Ronin).

The deck’s gameplan is pretty straightforward get as much early damage as possible with your early units and finish the game with burn and ronin. Ideally, you want your opening hand to consist of a monkey and or spellsurge and a buff.

This deck is pretty consistent and can even win drawn-out games from the sheer amount of burn-it packs. The items offer great versatility in being able to be used as a burn or a buff. I know these decks are known for being brain dead but there is a bit of skill expression. Such as being able to target your own units with a burn to allow Ronin to get his buff.

And playing in the middle square to be able to elusive behind the castle and not be able to be attacked by a blocker placed in front.

Viking Tomb deck
Image by Clashiverse

Viking Tomb

Deck code: 1D6YCU4D4D34AC1Q4FFI757CEYBI3994DQ5Y713811

Intro: This is a fun version of the popular Tombs archetype by me. This deck consists of multi-summons and synergies with multi-summons. It also runs Reaper and Tombs payoffs.

Multi-summons and synergies: Brewery, Infestation, Raise Dead, Wraiths, War Elephant, Wyvern Rider, Spectral Rider, Norabon and Grave Knight summon multiple units, which greatly fuels Screams of the Fallen. Having multiple units synergizes with Dwarven Revenger, Skeletal Squire for card draw and Freya to have many berserk units.

Reaper change and Tombs: Because of the Reaper change, now our 2g units also summon tombs when dying. As a result, Elephant, Wyvern Rider and Spectral Rider can produce a lot of tombs for our Tombs payoffs.

Tombs payoffs: Raise Dead, Corpse Explosion, Norabon and Grave Knight are Tombs payoffs. Wyvern Rider and Spectral rider are also Tombs payoffs, because they can hit tombs without them taking damage, letting us summon more units with them in the future.

Removals and utility: Drain Life is spot removal and healing, Raise Dead, Wyvern Rider and Spectral Rider are charge units to trade with, and Corpse Explosion is our strong AOE removal. Snowy Owl is a solid early game unit, draws a card off of Peasants, Rats, and Zombies and gives us a Tomb.

Common combos: Raise Dead + Skeletal Squire for 6 gold, or Norabon + Freya for 10 gold.

Image by Clashiverse


Deck code: 1HCU3329BU7F3DE9681N854E25A83J496M7L5D6A3611

This is the deck I used to climb to elite rank. with what seems to be a large surge in the amount of aggro decks on the ladder right now (at least in what I faced) some choices are specced to fight them, and can be switched if the meta goes back to something else.

Drake and estate are your early ramp tools, and I personally prefer estate over favor since estate works on every turn, whereas the favor treasures can only be used once.

Vaskrheim, sea witch, and southport are all solid early units, play whichever fits the situation you’re in right then, and vaskrheim and southport are still good in the later game to spend your mana efficiently. also try to get leviathans with sea witch, games usually go to 10 or fewer cards with this deck.

Freya’s combos well with kraken late game, but if you need to, you can play her with another 3 drop to get a pseudo-charge effect. manticore is very clutch for me, especially when I learned that dispelling buildings is a thing, there’s always some key target for him that often can swing the board math in my favor, or dispelling a guardian to get that last bit of damage in.

Salahar voyager, hasan, and earth knight are your midgame, and usually what you’ll first ramp into to start establishing board dominance. I used to run 2 hasan, and he is very useful, but as I said, so many aggro decks, and I needed to cut something for the second earth knight.

The cannons and frost whirl are your AOE. The deck has 17 cards that cost 5 or more, so joff is nearly a free card, great to push units on board quick. yarhym titan and craxus start ypur late game value engines, and I usually leave the supply depot alone either for craxus or as an incidental cleave for yarhym, so I focus on board control earlier.

Minotaur is beefy (literally) and refills your hand. Kraken, valkyrie, and yennaroth round out your late game. Kraken combos work amazingly with freya if you have both, since kraken is a delayed summon.

Valk is also very good, but since I don’t run yar lightning since it would kill my merchant estate, I can’t kill my own units at will, so only 1. Yenn is just great value, especially if you have frost whirl in hand already when you play it.

This deck feeds off of necro, the tombstones make great fodder for your on attack and on kill unit abilities. Aggro can be luck of the draw, but after a couple beefy guardians like earth knight and yar titan, you should be fine.

Image by Clashiverse


Deck code: 1D6K6K4W5XDG2Y1Q3B222J3Q9SDH496WBS5BFME911

This Viking Dinos deck is pretty self-explanatory, you use the dinos to beat the enemy castle. There’s not much in terms of tech that you really use, and you could tune this to deal with certain decks, but I have it built currently to not just lose to the strong resurrection in the meta as bad.

Key Cards: Lightning Bolt is just a very versatile card in this deck. You need to hit face? Sure. You need to deal with a threat? It can do that. You want to kill your own unit with a spell for Valk? It simply works.

Evolution is kind of one of the main reasons to even run Dinos. Setting 2 goobers up to 7/9 Berserk is very nice, but even getting up to stego or bronto is pretty good since they have a lot of bulk, and I think transforming into stego gives you the armour.

Valkyrie feels like a must-have for something that cares about having units on board as much as dinos. Spells are everywhere through your own burn and their AOEs or whatever, so it’s just nice to be able to get 2 of them back. Valk is just a very strong card.

Ptero is one of the biggest hitters in the deck, so I doubt you’ll get super far without it. That’s about all I have to say on it.

Dino Nest keeps your hand full, and Tyrannosaur and Triceratops keeps your dinos dangerous.

Master at Arms is just a flexible card that you can use to buff egg or remove peasants. Gorilla turned out to be pretty nice. There’s not a whole lot of draw in here, so it’s nice to have something.

Manticore is just a tech card right now so you could definitely swap it out depending on how things turn out.

Alternates: Minotaur is still fairly decent and provides something to draw with in here.

Hasan Legionnaire is about the same as Mino. Dancing Swords is a charge unit that you can use to buff your Units to the ever-desirable 4 atk once it dies.

Shaman because a number of dinos are fairly bulky, so you will be able to hit them or your castle if needed. Frost Whirl is an AOE that stuns your opponents if you require a turn. Eye of Flame causes infighting between the enemy units.

And there you have it! My ultimate collection of best Cards and Castles 2 decks. Feel free to share your own decks in the comments below.