Best MARVEL SNAP Attuma Deck Guide (2023)

Welcome to the new Best Marvel Snap Attuma deck guide! Attuma is a four energy 10 power card in Marvel Snap game which say, “if you have another card here at the end of your turn destroy this.” To overcome this problem, we have created a deck that includes the Destroyer card. The Destroyer is a card that costs 600 and has 6 attack and 15 defense. When it is revealed, it will destroy your other cards. By including the Destroyer in this deck, we are able to overcome the downside of the Attuma card.

So, let us get started with this guide!

Best MARVEL SNAP Attuma Deck Strategy & Guide

Best MARVEL SNAP Attuma Deck Guide

So this is a really budget friendly deck Destroyer and Attuma are the only cards that you really need. In this deck, we have Armor that can help just defend a lane. We also have cards like Green Goblin and Hobgoblin that could jump over to your opponent’s side. Professor X is also a great addition in this deck, we can use Attuma on 4 and a Professor X on 5 to completely lock down a lane. Essentially what we will be trying to do is lock down and cheese out one lane. We also have like Storm and Jessica Jones for that same purpose and can be accompanied by an Armor. and

However in order to win the game, we’re going to want to use a Destroyer. We can either Cosmo that Destroyer to stop its ongoing or unravel effect from actually going off or we can just have all of our cards protected with cards like Armor and Professor X. While this Attuma deck may not be extremely strong on the ladder, it can be enjoyable to play and allows for mind games with Green Goblin and Hobgoblin. Daredevil is also a useful card that can be played on the opponent’s turn five. Overall, this deck can be a fun option to play.

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