MARVEL SNAP Silver Surfer Patriot Deck Build 2024

Are you ready to let loose the power of the Silver Surfer and Patriot in Marvel Snap? With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to build and perfect a deck that combines these two popular cards for fatal results for your opponents.

This guide provides:

  • Optimal card choices: We’ll explore the best cards to include in your Silver Surfer Patriot deck, ensuring synergy and maximizing your deck’s potential.
  • Winning strategies: Discover tactics and strategies to utilize the Silver Surfer and Patriot combo effectively, dominating your opponents.

Silver Surfer Patriot Deck Guide in MARVEL SNAP

Here is the my deck that I recommend for this combo:

Marvel Snap Surfer Patriot deck

In this deck, Brood is easily the best card to pair with Silver Surfer. Not only it is a three-cost unit itself but also generates two other three-cost units meaning Silver Surfer here adds nine power to just brewed on the board.

Another noteworthy thing about Brood though is that both the Broodlings are abilityless which means Patriot is another thing that powers them up.

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So we’ve kind of mashed up two different archetypes together here with Brood as the key piece that ties them together as well as Debrii here who is not only a three-class card herself but she generates powerless rocks which patriots can pick up and power over the top.

The two-pronged effect that this deck can create felt like it added a nice layer of consistency. The Silver Surfer decks always felt a bit glad cluster when they didn’t find their namesake and Patriot decks are much weaker when they don’t find Patriot.

So this one only gives us two payoffs that can work well together but we have two different parts to find in different games when we can’t find both of them at the top end of this deck. We also have a copy of Sera in this deck which enables some of our most explosive turns if you play Sera on five you get to play three three drops on turn six.

We also have Shocker as well as Cyclops when played on the third turn and enable it to turn for Sera to let us go double three drops on five into Triple Three drop on six just putting a ton of power into play in the final moments of the game.

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This deck can win as a just Patriot deck as well as the just Silver Surfer deck and it showcases some insane go-over-the-top games where both of those plans come together at the same time.

Overall, Silver Surfer and Patriot together are a strong force to be reckoned with in Marvel Snap. With this combo, you can choose between a more explosive playstyle or using strong units to control the board.

Try out this deck to see for yourself exactly how powerful the Patriot and Silver Surfer combo can be in the game.