Best MARVEL SNAP Titania Deck Pool 4 (2023)

Welcome to my guide to the best Titania deck in Marvel Snap! It’s a great deck for players of all skill levels, and it’s been performing really well in the current meta.

So, what’s so great about this deck? Well, for one thing, it’s really consistent. It has a lot of cards that can help you get Titania on the board early, and once she’s there, she’s really hard to get rid of.

Another great thing about this deck is that it’s very flexible. It can win in different ways, depending on what your opponent is doing. If you’re ahead, you can use Titania to push for a quick finish. If you’re behind, you can use her to control the board and make it difficult for your opponent to win.

So, if you’re looking for a great Marvel Snap deck to play, be sure to check out my Titania deck! It’s a deck that I’ve been really enjoying, and I think you will too.

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Best MARVEL SNAP Titania Deck

Here is my best MARVEL SNAP Titania Deck:

Titania Deck Marvel Snap

This is basically Sera Miracle deck which is focused around Titania, a one energy five power card that says, “when any card is played at this location this card switch aside” so anytime you or your opponent plays after Titania is there she’s gonna jump back and forth across. This will lead to a lot of chaos and it could be really cool and techy, you can send her over to your opponent’s side to block things off such as cerebral decks.

Rest of the deck is just meant to have a really good curve, we have very very solid two drops Angela, Mojo, and Lizard. So there’s really strong two drops then our three drops are kind of split between really techy cards and more like stat sticks, so we have Rogue that helps with Cosmo. We also have this super awesome combo of Polaris, Kingpin and Juggernaut so all three can be played at the end but especially the Kingpin and Juggernaut play can be really devastating towards the end of games.

You play Kingpin down in the new Juggernaut any cards into there you can land them in the Kingpin Lane and get them destroyed. We also have two just big stat sticks in Wolf Spain and Maximus and then Sera to hold the whole deck together. Being able to play down Sera on turn five and then three three drops or two three drops and two two drops is usually enough to win.

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What makes this Titania deck different?

A lot of people kind of looked at this and said hey this kind of looks like a Surfer deck without Surfer. There are seven three drops in the deck but this is more of a traditional kind of Sera Miracle style list. It does a couple of things really well I think this is a lot better against Leeches that we see a lot.

So you know even if you played on Sera you get leech let’s say you have like Kingpin, Polaris and Maximus in your hand. It’s a lot of stats that you can slam down against your opponent right and it also kind of lets you play a bit more proactively with some of these cards.

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A lot of times with the Surfer decks you kind of have to hold everything to try and burst at the very end whereas. But this deck could be a lot more proactive, it let’s you get some abilities ahead sometimes you can get ahead and be able to steal with a Rogue or steal with a Cosmo at the right time.

This deck is really fun, and I think it was pretty Cube neutral as I was able to climb a little bit higher. It definitely take some time to work through and play Titania correctly sometimes I just found it to be most fun to play Titanium one and just let chaos ensue though.

Overall, this Titania deck in Marvel Snap is a formidable choice for players looking to dominate the competition. Its unique combination of techy cards and powerful stat sticks allows for a variety of strategies and playstyles, making it effective against a wide range of opponents.

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