Atelier Resleriana Memoria Guide (Best picks for beginners)

Are you new to the Atelier Resleriana adventures? Feeling a bit lost with all this Memoria talk going around? Don’t worry, we’re going to make it super easy for you in this Memoria guide for beginners!

What are Memoria in Atelier Resleriana?

Think of Memoria like yummy power-up snacks for your heroes. Just like you can collect all sorts of the best characters in Atelier Resleriana, you can also collect these special cards called Memoria. They’re magic stickers full of memories from all the Atelier games ever, and they make your heroes even stronger.

It’s like collecting trading cards, but instead of pictures of cute animals, you get pictures of your favorite alchemists doing magical stuff. And the best thing about Memoria is that they can actually help your heroes fight enemies and win battles.

You can get Memoria in Atelier Resleriana by doing a special summon, similar to what you do while getting characters.

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Best Memoria in Atelier Resleriana

Iridescent Scenery

Okay, so the first super-duper special memory we got is like a super rare one, and it makes your fire characters in the Atelier Resleriana super powerful.

It’s like magic because it boosts the damage count of your fire heroes by a huge 52%. So when they use their fire skills, they do big damage!

Iridescent Scenery is the superstar for making your fire characters do the most awesome attacks ever. So, if you want your fire hero, especially Ryza to be the absolute best, this memory is the one you really, really want to have.

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Great Treasure Discovery

This one is super amazing because it makes all the characters who do this special attack called Pierce way stronger – like 52% stronger! And it’s also a super rare type of Memoria which falls under SSR category. When you use it, your characters become stronger with their physical attacks!

If you want your Mu character to be like the strongest ever and dominate the piercing strategy, you totally need to add Great Treasure Discovery Memoria into your collection.

A Moment in the Afternoon

This special Memoria thingy in the game is like super important, especially if you want to do big damage when your attacks are kinda weak. A Moment in the Afternoon Memoria makes your skills do more damage, almost like making your hits stronger than normal.

So, when you’re fighting enemies, and you know their weak spots, this Memoria boosts your attacks by 52%, making them extra powerful.

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Weaving History

It’s a super hot Memoria that acts like a superhero cape for fire characters in the game. It makes them even stronger and helps them get better when they’re a bit ouchie. So, if you have characters like Eudy who love playing with fire, this Memoria is like their best friend.

It makes them super tough with high defenses. The best part is that this Weaving History Memoria has got this special healing power just for fire heroes. They get 34% better – that’s a lot!

Aim for the City in the Sky

This one is like a super good Memoria for fighters in the game. It makes their physical attacks (punches and sword swipes) way stronger, like they can touch the sky or something.

It’s not the fanciest one, but it’s still awesome because it gives a big 15% boost to how much damage they do with their attack moves.