Blade Ball Christmas Update 2024: Dribble Ability, Daily Rewards, etc

The much-anticipated Blade Ball Christmas update has hit the global server, and we’re diving right in to explore all the festive goodies. Here’s everything you need to know about the Christmas update so far.

There’s plenty for Blade Ball players to get excited about right now, the Christmas update brings new daily rewards, spin the holiday-themed wheel, new Dribble ability, and the winter wonderland.

New Daily Login Rewards

Straight off the bat, the Christmas update introduces a revamped daily login system. Earn rewards like Emotes and Christmas gingerbread items for logging in every day. On the 14th day, you will get a delightful surprise—a brand-new Gift Emote!

Christmas Spins

The winter spins have been replaced by gingerbread-themed spins. Spin the Christmas wheel to collect new items, including the Winged Blade, Christmas Blade, and the Infinity ability. The new Dribble ability is also included—more on that later!

Dual Nebula Yoru and Black Hole Scythes

To wield the power of the night sky and harness the energy of black holes, the devs also introduced the Dual Nebula Yoru, Single Blackhole Scythe, and Dual Blackhole Scythe. Each blade is a work of art that reflects the splendour of the universe.

New Abilities

Dribble and Freeze Trap are the two new abilities in this Christmas update which adds exciting new mechanics.

Dribble lets you dribble the ball to confuse opponents. Dribble the ball, speed up, and throw opponents off balance. With a two-use limit, this ability is a tactical masterpiece.

While Freeze Trap lays down a trap that immobilizes enemies. Use strategic ice traps to gain an edge over opponents.

Santa VS Elf Mode

It is a limited-time game mode running from December 24th to January 7th where players compete on teams to eliminate the opposing faction. Win as Santa or Grinch to earn Santa tickets which can be used to play in the Lucky Draw event.

The Blade Ball Christmas update is a generous offering for players, delivering a healthy dose of festive cheer and exciting new elements.