Bleach Revival: Vastocar Progression Guide from Hollow

First is that you need to start with Arrancar. To become a super cool Arrancar like the ones in Bleach, you got to beat Reiji first. It’s like a super tough boss battle, think of him like the big bully on the playground, but way stronger and with a creepy hollow mask!

Vastocar Progression Guide

Once you beat Reiji and pick your path between Hollow, Soul Reaper, and Quincy (like a choose-your-own-adventure story!), you get to leave the school and explore tons of new places. There’ll be even more missions to do, like fighting baddies and solving mysteries.

But the coolest part is that most of the roads will take you to Kosuke’s secret hidey-hole!

So, when you get to Kosuke’s secret location, he’s going to have you test your skills with some super hard challenges.

These will be like secret quests that help you become a mega hero. These missions are all connected to the big story, like puzzle pieces clicking into place.

And Kosuke will also be your best level-up NPC! Whenever you feel like you’ve maxed out your powers, he’s the guy to see for an increase in your level cap. However, in the initial stages of the game development, we’re all level 100, like totally maxed out.

Now, remember that Reiji dude who you had to face way back? He’s back! Kosuke has all these super-secret quests for you, and if you finish enough of them, you got to face Reiji again, right back at school.

You got to win this second battle with Reiji and if you survive, you get a super strong magic mask called Arrancar.

There’s an even better mask called Vastocar, like the ultimate upgrade! How do you get it?

Evolving into a Vastocar requires you to complete the storyline, unlock new levels and abilities. You’ll need to defeat Renji in a challenging battle to progress. After defeating Renji, you’ll automatically become a Vastocar if I’m correct.

Vastocar Skill Tree and Abilities:

As a Vastocar, you’ll have access to the complete Haku skill tree, most of the Speed skill tree, and some of the Riu skill tree.

Some notable moves include Blitz, Primal Stomp, Sero, and Flash Step.