Clash Mini Heroes Guide, Ability & Levels

We’ll show you Clash Mini Heroes Guide, Abilities, and Levels today. Clash Mini Heroes have unique abilities that can turn the outcome of the battle! For the same reason, we can only bring one Hero into each combat. As of today, there are six different heroes in Clash Mini, each with its own set of abilities and skills.

Clash Mini Hero has ten levels during the Beta period. The Heroes reach key milestones in level 5 and level 10 when they get new or enhanced skills. Also read here: Clash Mini Strategy & Battle Guide

How to get Heroes in Clash Mini

To unlock that heroin Clash Mini, you’ll need ten fragments of that hero, which you can receive from boxes.

You can also get Heroes By opening Chests. Chests can be obtained via completing quests, traveling along the Season Road, and making purchases in the Shop.

How many fragments and Gold is required to level up heroes?

  • Level 1- When Unlocked, 10 Fragment Required.
  • Level 2- You need10 Fragments, 100 Gold.
  • Level 3 – You need 25 Fragments, 200 Gold.
  • Level 4 – You need 50 Fragments, 400 Gold.
  • Level 5 – You need 75 Fragments, 800 Gold.
  • Level 6 – You need 100 Fragments, 1200 Gold.
  • Level 7 – You need125 Fragments, 1600 Gold.
  • Level 8 – You need 150 Fragments, 2000 Gold.
  • Level 9 – You need175 Fragmens, 2400 Gold.
  • Level 10 – You need 200 Fragments, 2800 Gold.

Clash Mini

Clash Mini Heroes Guide

Barbarian King – Barbarian King is a hero in a Clash Mini and you can use in battles

Barbarian King Abilities

  • Unlock Lvl 1 – Iron Fist, Gives Damage buff (+1 ATK) to all allies for 4 sec [ Super
  • Unlock Lvl 5 – Born Leader, Iron Fist heals barbarian king for 4 HP
  • Unlock Lvl 10 – Stamina, Iron Fist Duration is Doubled

SUPER Iron Fist: Increases damage of nearby allies for 3 seconds. Energy Cost: 10 With a hit speed of 1.25 seconds, it will take at the very most 12.5 seconds for the Barbarian King to charge his Super.

Archer Queen

Archer Queen is a hero in a Clash Mini and you can use in battles

Archer Queen Abilities

  • Unlock Lvl 1 – Crossbow, Speed Increase & attacks hit 3 enemies for a short time [ Super]
  • Unlock Lvl 5 – Inspire, Crossbow Increases the speed of nearby allies for a short time
  • Unlock Lvl 10 Queen’s Rage, +1 damage for a short time [ Boast ]

Super Crossbow: Increases Archer Queen’s speed for 5 seconds and attacks hit up to 3 enemies during those 5 seconds.

Energy Cost: 7

With a hit speed of 1 second, it will take at the very most 7 seconds for the Archer Queen to charge her Super. This may sound like a very fast Supercharge rate, but keep in mind that your Archer Queen does not belong in the frontlines. Considering that and her having the lowest HP out of all the Heroes, it’ll be fairly uncommon for her to utilize taking damage for Supercharge.

Shield Maiden – Shield Maiden is a hero in a Clash Mini and you can use in battles

Shield Maiden Abilities

  • Lvl 1 – Magic Shield, Reflects back 1 damage to every melee unit that hits her [ Super ][ Block ]
  • Lvl 5 – Magnetic Shield, forces all enemies to attack shield maiden for a short time
  • Lvl 10 – Will Power, +1 starting energy each round until match ends [ Boast ]

The Shield Maiden takes one less damage for 5 seconds and reflects some of the damage back to her attackers.

Energy Cost: 10 With a hit speed of 2.5 seconds, it will take at the very most 25 seconds for the Shield Maiden to charge her Super. Considering that she’s the tankiest Hero (and unit) in the game, it should NEVER take this long to charge her Super.

Monk – Monk is a hero in a Clash Mini and you can use in battles

Monk Abilities

  • Lvl 1 – Peace Maker, Monk’s next attack deals 8 damage & stuns for 4 sec [ Super]
  • Lvl 5 – Mystic Palm, Increases hit speed until the game end [ Clash
  • Lvl 10 – Final Peace, Now Peace Maker Deals +7 (15) Damage

Peace Maker: Monk’s next attack deals 8 damage (enough to one-shot Archer Queen and over half of the Minis in this game).

Energy Cost: 10 Wth a hit speed of approximately 1.7 seconds, it will take at the very most 16 to 17 seconds for the Monk to charge his Super.

Countess – Countess is a hero in a Clash Mini and you can use in battles

Countess Abilities

  • Lvl 1 – Feed, Appears behind furthest enemy deals damage (+3) and heals herself (+3) [ Super ]
  • Lvl 5 – Fear, Prevents nearby enemies from healing for a short amount of time [ In a 3×3 tile area ]
  • Lvl 10 – Feast, +2 damage when attacking from behind [ Backstab] Vampire

Feed: Teleports behind the enemy farthest away from her, then deals damage and heals herself for 3 HP.

Energy Cost: 6 With a hit speed of 1 second, it will take at the very most 6 seconds for the Countess to charge her Super.

Royal Champion – Royal Champion is a hero in a Clash Mini and you can use in battles

Royal Champion Abilites

  • Lvl 1 – Bouncing Shield, Throws Shield deals 4 damage & stuns, Gains full energy back if the enemy is K.O. [ Sup
  • Lvl 5 – Lonely, Increases attack speed greatly when she is last standing mini in battle
  • Lvl 10 – Epic Throw, Bouncing Shield gains 1 extra bounce Royal Champion Release Date -21st Dec 2021

that’s it for this Clash Mini Heroes Guide, Abilities & Levels guide.

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