CRSED: Cuisine Royale Beginner Guide to Winning Battles

CRSED: Cuisine Royale is a fast-paced battle royale shooter mobile game where players can choose to play solo or with a team. In this game, you’ll need to be strategic and cunning to survive and emerge victorious. Considering this is a fast-paced game, you can expect to find it to be more action-packed than other games of the shooting genre. This CRSED beginner guide offers helpful tips for achieving the best results in the heat of battle and getting better at the game. Some of these CRSED tips will help you to be more efficient and faster at what you do.

So, without ado let’s get started!

CRSED: Cuisine Royale Beginner Guide

How to win battles in CRSED

Winning Battles

In CRSED: Cuisine Royale, the key to survival is to locate weapons and use them to take out your enemies. When you spot an enemy, use the designated controls to fire and eliminate them. This will give you a better chance of surviving the game. In this game, the characters you play will have mystical powers. Using these abilities may change the tide of how you play the game considering whose favor it goes to.

Player Awareness in CRSED


The most important factor in winning every battle is having awareness. The very first tip I can provide for you is to learn ins and outs of the maps, and have a complete awareness of your enemies and teammates. It’s crucial to get the first pick off of your enemies. In a battle royale game, it’s especially important to stay aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on the minimap. This can help you anticipate enemy movements, as well as stay aware of the shrinking safe zone and plan your movements accordingly. Keep your ears open for the sounds of nearby enemies, and use your minimap to track their movements. Knowing where your enemies are and what they’re doing can give you a crucial advantage in battle. By staying alert and using your minimap effectively, you can increase your chances of surviving and coming out on top in a battle royale match.

how to use cover in CRSED

Using Cover

Using cover wisely can be a key element in this game. The best thing is, there are a lot of covers wherever you go. When you’re in a firefight, it’s important to take advantage of cover whenever possible – this can reduce the amount of damage you take and give you a strategic advantage over your opponents.

weapon range in CRSED


It’s important to remember that ignoring an enemy can be risky and result in being attacked. To avoid this, make sure to take out enemies when you spot them using a variety of weapons. If an enemy is far away, use a ranged weapon and if they are close, use a close-range weapon. By eliminating all the enemies you encounter, you increase your chances of being the last one standing on the battlefield. In addition to attacking, it’s also important to control your character’s movements to avoid enemy attacks effectively.

Character movement guide in CRSED


The game may not be the best movement game but let me tell you this: you have to move in a way that evades enemy attacks effectively. Minimizing damage is the key element to you surviving a gunfight. The best thing you can do is to incorporate longer strafes as opposed to shorter ones. Shorter strafes get in the range where aim assist is more effective. Hence, longer strafes are better in this game.

Perks and Abilities

After winning a battle, you’ll have the opportunity to select an ability for your character for the next fight. It’s more of a perk than an ability. You’ll be presented with three options, and can only choose one at a time. Carefully consider the effects each ability will have on your character and choose the one that will have the greatest impact. You get to have speed ability or extra health or increase the chances of finding rare items. Be strategic and choose the best option for your current situation.

Don’t forget about Character abilities. Each character is unique on their own because of the abilities they have. You may want to choose based on your play style and to fit in with your teammates.

how to survive in zone

The Zone

All BR games have a zone where the circle forces you to move in closer to your enemies. The zone shrinks and you are forced to get inside the circle. Although, that simply does not mean you have to be in the zone to reach your destination. You may come across campers who may gate-keep you and force you to take zone damage. It doesn’t mean you need to fall for it and fight them. Do not fall for the disadvantaged situation you’re in. Whenever it’s hard to move around the zone, the best thing you can do is get outside the zone. Note that you need to have a lot of healing items enough to cover the distance.

These CRSED tips will enhance your gameplay and increase your chances of winning fights more effectively.


CRSED: Cuisine beginner guide offers helpful tips for achieving the best results in the heat of battle and getting better at the game. By mastering the art of awareness, using cover, mastering range, movement and perks, and abilities, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefield. And remember, in this game, the key to survival is to locate weapons and use them to take out your enemies, or you’ll end up as the main course. Bon Appétit!

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