Devas Battlegrounds Discord & Trello Sources (Official Verified)

Want to dominate the Devas Battleground, but feel like your hero’s still stuck in tutorial mode? Unlock the ultimate battle plan with the Devas Battlegrounds Discord & Trello board!

Devas Battlegrounds is an Open-world MMORPG inspired by Devas of Creation set in a high-fantasy setting. In DOC, you will be able to explore a vast world and immerse yourself within a main storyline that is expanded upon by the many side quests that you can complete.

In this classless experience, you will be able to progress your character as well as your weapon mastery. While exploring the world of DOC, you will also be able to train your skills such as mining, woodcutting, fishing, and crafting. You will also be able to create a variety of new items with the materials you gather.

Climb the ranks, forge alliances, and become the ultimate Devas champion. Will you rise above?

Devas Battlegrounds Discord & Trello Sources

Checked these sources myself, and they’re legit. Dive in and check out the official Devas Battlegrounds Discord and Trello board.

Official TrelloDevas Battlegrounds Trello (Official & Verified)
Official DiscordDevas Battlegrounds Discord
Official game pageDevas Battlegrounds
Official groupDevas Of Creation
Promo codesDevas Battlegrounds promo code list

Devas Battlegrounds Discord & Trello FAQs, Answered

What is the Devas Battlegrounds Trello board?

The Devas Battlegrounds Trello board is a community-driven resource packed with information, guides, and insights to help you dominate the 5v5 competitive battle arena.

It is loaded with dev updates, hero guides, strategy discussions, and more.

I’m new to Devas Battlegrounds. Where do I start?

Join the official Discord Server for the game and head over to the #faq channel! It has detailed information that will help you get acclimated and answers to any basic questions you have.

What is the Devas Battlegrounds Discord server for?

The Devas Battlegrounds Discord server is a growing community hub for 5v5 competitive arena game players.

It’s a place to connect with other players, discuss strategies, share tips, and keep up with the latest game news and updates.

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