Devil May Cry Peak of Combat Guide for Beginners 2024

Are you finding it hard to get a thorough Devil May Cry Peak of Combat guide? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry! We have provided you all the information you need to get started and advance quickly.

Created by “NebulaJoy” and “CAPCOM“, this mobile game offers an immersive and strategic gameplay experience. This guide will help you understand the game’s unique mechanics, different game modes, and how to beat bosses like a pro. So, with this guide, you’ll become an expert player in no time!

So, let’s dive in and get started on your Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat journey!

Devil May Cry Peak of Combat Guide

DMC Peak of Combat Login
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Setup – Login/Account:

***One important thing to note is that if you select another server you will create a completely new save. This is important if you wish to reroll, as the 1st clear of the story missions will give you a lot of Crystals and Sliver books to roll Legendary Weapons with. There is a 1 time 30 sliver book pull mercy you can do after clearing the story as well as a few other missions. However if you do not pull the Legendary you wish from the pool it is highly recommended you hop servers and restart.

Make sure you log in to as many servers as possible, as they will all receive maintenance rewards, which will be very useful as you will probably manage 2~3 accounts after rerolling the Legendary Weapon you want as well as getting Vergil.

DMC Peak of Combat Main Menu
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Main Menus:

After being greeted with a bunch of login pop ups you will be in whichever area you logged out previously. The most you will be interacting with is the Quest, Missions, Weapon Loadout and Skill Menu.

DMC Peak of Combat Menu
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Office is your main base to collect goals you have achieved to level up your rank (important for co-op).

Devil Hunter to select your character.

Skill to upgrade your character’s stats and to buy skills (Legendaries that come with moves will have them automatically unlocked and added to the move list).

Weapon Loadout  to change your weapon configuration (you can upgrade damage here with red orbs).

Weapon Research to upgrade the tier of your weapon using items, unlocking new passives and skins. As well as augment them beyond their full potential.

Treasure Gacha for pulling weapons, failed pulls come with items to augment your other weapons/characters.

Demon Book select book passive and runes to augment damage and abilities.

Memory Select which is essentially mission select. Comes with difficulties, and first time clear bonuses such as huge amounts of red orbs and items.

Quests Daily quests that give orbs and items, as well as co-op and weekly star maps and ranked boss fights.

Magic Cards for abilities to set in your weapons and augment your abilities. Will be referred to as Devil Cards in this guide.

Shop it’s where you go to trade your crystals for books, and also to pay for Premium Gold Krypton to unlock costumes, and convert them into crystals. For this option you need to set up Alipay or a Union Account.

Costumes for selecting your costume, which you can also select at the Co-op Lobby.

Missions This is where to go when you do your dailies and collect prizes like daily mission skip potions, as well as 50 crystals every day. It’s recommended to do 1 Red Orb Run, and 3 Co-op Bosses as that will clear all the daily missions in the least amount of time.

Inventory your item bag where you can open up boxes to trade for materials, as well as crack red orb crystal gems to get more orbs.

Training Course is where you go to access the arena, and do trials of each character’s combos to understand their move set. The later trials 100% unlock the move set of a character and can be a fun way to test what the character can do before upgrading for missions, co-op, trials etc.

Achievements is where you can collect some trophies and rank up for rewards.

Friends is only really useful for calling for people co-op lobbies, but you can call the entire game’s active population so it’s not that useful.

Setting which is self explanatory, however it is noted that you need to go to this menu and select the 2nd tab at the top in order to get the manual target switch for lock on. Otherwise the game will relock nearest to where your stick last pointed.

Quests & Game Modes:

After logging in you will see an orange text on the left side of your screen. It will lead you to the next NPC/Area you need to communicate with in order to further the plot. This will help you find where to clear everything for the first time.

DMC Peak of Combat Quest
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In the quests menu you’ll see 3 Upper Tabs. For the 1st Tab from left to right we have:

  • Bloody Palace; With Normal (gold orbs) & Limit Mode (no gold orbs).
  • Peak Trial; A mode where you kill demons and face a boss depending on how much you fill the blood meter.
  • Evil Adventure; A time attack mode where you trade points for materials and upgrade your weapons.
  • Greedy Vine Red Orbs; A mode where you have to destroy 2 vines in order to get more orbs. Usually totaling in 40k orbs with a chance of dropping 50 Crystals rarely.

With the exception of BP every quest on the 1st page has a daily limit. Sometimes you will receive keys that will allow you to retry the same day. It’s important to note that it is not worth trading crystals for keys.

Co-op Bosses:

On the 2nd tab there is the “Final Trial” which is essentially co-op. Your damage here is primarily based on your runes, books and devil cards. Even with a Fully upgraded Lv.16 legendary weapon around the 550 damage range, you will do barely any damage to bosses S Rank or higher unless you power up your runes.

DMC Peak of Combat Boss Card
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On the 1st left image tapping the button in the middle at the bottom of the screen, you will go to the right 2nd page. You get 1 free boss card daily which drops a random rank. Using Silver coins will allow you to pay for boss cards.

DMC Peak of Combat runes
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Runes will drop randomly, it’s possible to MvP and get no runes at all. Currently Co-op is the only way to farm and grind for runes without paying for money.

In the 3rd tab we have a boss ranking mode where your goal is to score as much as you can for rewards.

The bosses change weekly, by tapping the bottom left you can select buffs for yourself and debuffs on the boss. Playing around with these settings to push for the best scores is important to strategize in order to achieve the best score you can!


On the far right of the quests menu you will see 2 options. The first being star maps, with the other being Real Time Multiplayer. The star maps are a daily challenge where if you clear all difficulties you will gain stars you can use to obtain prizes such as red orbs, books, and items. This will run for a total of 5 days, allowing you to try as many times as you wish to clear.

Hell and Hell being the hardest as you can only clear it by finishing the boss with No Damage. Clearing all of them will net you the 5 prizes & the full clear bonus. You can skip to another Star Map if you wish but you cannot return to the previous one.

DMC Peak of Combat mobs
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The left hand pane shows you the mobs you will deal with. It’s important that you bring your best weapons, book, selected devil cards and runes equipped. Their stats are not as high as the Co-op/Multiplayer Bosses, however can still be quite beefy.

Challenge Boss:

DMC Peak of Combat challenge boss
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A new mode introduced where a weekly boss is selected for you to score against via multipliers. Depending on how many and what kind of debuffs you select you can gain a multiplier that will increase your score for weekly rewards.

The multipliers are essentially debuffs you place on your character, which in turn make the fight much more difficult. It’s important to note that your Power Level, Critical Strike Chance/Power, and especially Runes are actually very important here. Since you want to defeat the boss as quickly as possible with the highest style rank for maximum points.


Everyday when you log in daily missions will reset, when you clear 10 points worth of these objectives you will gain their rewards.

1 Point2 Point
Do 1 Peak TrialKill 3 Bosses
Do 1 Evil AdventureGet 30k Red Orbs (Accumulated)
Enter Combat Training ArenaUse Crystals to buy an item in the Shop
Do 1 Final Trial (Co-op)Open a Rune Treasure Chest 1 time (You have to use Crystals)
Kill 10 DemonsDraw from any Gatcha 1 Time
Get 10k Red Orbs 

The 2nd reward for 4 points is a skip potion useful for the Daily Red Orb quest. The silver coins for upgrading weapons in the research lab and buying Co-op boss cards.

*The fastest way to complete dailies after reaching Chapter 13 once is to do 1 Daily Red Orb quest, and 3 bosses of any rank in the Co-op Tab, as well as 1 Peak trial and kill 10 enemies. Peak Trial bosses will not count towards bosses, only the peak trial objective as well as enemies.

DMC Peak of Combat red orb mission
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When successfully completing the Red Orb Mission once you will gain the ability to skip it using the skip potion to gain rewards for fast clear. Sometimes crystals will drop too.

Depending on the events or promotions the game has going on you can get 81,000 red orbs per clear. But it will usually be 40,500. It is important to note that even with the x2 orbs it is not worth using crystals to pay for keys to repeat the quest again on the same day.

It is best for you to save them after acquiring them from quests/objectives and use them on x2 gain days.

Gacha System & Weapons:

As you clear the story for the first time you will unlock around 27 Sliver books just by clearing Chapter 13 and collecting the rewards. You will get the other 3 either by maintenance rewards. It is highly recommended for you to save your crystals to trade for Gold Books.

The reason being is that gold books are what allow you to pull for weapons that are limited as well as Vergil. These usually switch out, so you will have to wait if you cannot pull it.

This becomes very important for weapon skins that allow you to unlock Beowulf, and some of Vergil’s Yamato skins, and future weapons.

Augmentation – Runes, Books & Devil Cards:

At first runes, books and devil cards may seem useless but on the contrary they’re items important for the end game grind. The passives from which boss you select will determine your buffs, as well as the runes you select which rank from 1 to 8 being the maximum.


DMC Peak of Combat runes master
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In Daddy’s cellar approaching the left you will see the Rune master, approach her and tap her. The option to enter the rune forging menu is the top right one. Here you can combine runes to forge them into higher tiers going from Tier 1 to Tier 8.

Another way to enter is to go to your inventory and to tap the middle button on the button of the screen. Tapping the bottom right button takes you to the books. You want to primarily focus Yellow and Rune runes for the Boss Damage up, and base damage increase.

Rune Table

DMC Peak of Combat rune table
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A new feature called talents is also introduced. Every time you spend Red Orb on skills you gain exp, with every 10 levels granting new talents/passives. Talent cards for upgrades are available via Peak Trial, and other quests/events.

It is important to note that you require skull coins in order to upgrade certain talents. So be wary not to spend them all on Co-op Boss cards, and budget your currency accordingly.

Main Weapon Damage increased by %Secondary weapon increase damage by %Reduce lost concentration from whiffed attacks by %
DT Gain increased by %Grenade gain increase by %Restore % of DT when Trick is used
Damage reduction increased by %Damage reduction increased by %Damage reduction increased by %
Higher Style Rank increased damage up to %When charge reached increase attack damage by %Crit chance increased by % when above % health
Increase damage in DT by % and health by 1 per x secondIncrease damage of charge skills by %Main Weapon Damage increased by %

Devil Cards:

Next are devil cards that you will collect when finishing quests/missions. Attaching these to your weapons will give you bonus effects. You can limit break these cards and increase their max level by fusing the same devil card with itself.

DMC Peak of Combat devil card
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To upgrade the levels of these cards you need to use red orbs in a similar fashion to upgrading the level of a weapon.

Gacha System:

The best options for the Gacha if you wish to pay is the monthly crystals pack as well as the daily gold book. Anything out of those two aside paid crystals for costumes is essentially a waste of money.

E.g. The 120 USD pack gives you 40 Gold Books, netting you around 3 USD per book. Whereas the daily deal is around 0.9 USD per book which is a full 2 dollars cheaper. This means you’re only paying 36 USD for 40 books as opposed to 120 USD.

The monthly card at 4.8 USD nets you 80 Crystals (2400 = 80 x 30) which on top of your daily 50 Crystals (1500 = 50 x 30) nets you an additional 3900 Crystals every month which equates to 15 books.

So for around 40 USD every month you can pull around 55 times. Meaning in the long run for 120 USD you could pull 165 times as supposed to merely 40 times for the same price. It’s important to note that these Gold Books allow you to pull for Vergil, and other rate up Legendaries.

But Sliver books which you can get for free from login bonuses and events can help you obtain Legendary Items too. Although it’s completely random, meaning you could obtain a duplicate and get a gold krypt to augment Legendaries instead.