Egoist Awakens Tier List Wiki of Best Traits (2024)

If you like the hit series Blue Lock and the Roblox game Egoist Awakens, you already know that the secret to winning on a soccer field is to create a unique character with strong features.

To help you in making the best choices, we have curated the Egoist Awakens Tier List in-depth and evaluate both the benefits and drawbacks of each trait.

So lace up your cleats, and let’s dive in!

Egoist Awakens traits tier list
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Egoist Awakens Tier List Wiki

Please be aware that this Egoist Awakens tier list of best traits is subjective and is based on a broad assessment of the effects of the traits on gameplay. The usefulness of each trait for your particular gameplay experience may be influenced by your specific playstyle and preferences.

Success on the soccer pitch of Egoist Awakens will ultimately depend on your ability to experiment and identify the traits that best fit your style.

S-Tier Traits:

Fearsome: Flow gain when scoring goals.

Scoring goals is the ultimate thrill in any soccer game, and the Fearsome trait enhances this experience. With this trait, each time you successfully find the back of the net, you’ll receive an additional Flow gain. This not only boosts your in-game performance but also provides a psychological advantage by fueling your confidence and momentum.

A-Tier Traits:

Chad: Gain less fatigue.

In any sport, endurance and stamina are essential, and soccer is no exception. You can remain out on the pitch for extended periods of time without suffering severe performance reductions thanks to the Chad trait, which lessens fatigue. The ability to maintain your physical capabilities throughout the game provides you an advantage over the other players. The Chad trait aids you in maintaining optimum performance whether you’re rushing for the goal or performing demanding defensive actions.

Foresight: Whoever has the ball is now marked for you.

Situational awareness is vital in soccer, and the Foresight trait elevates your ability to anticipate and react. With this trait, you gain the advantage of automatically marking the player who possesses the ball. This information gives you an edge in defense, allowing you to position yourself strategically and disrupt the opponent’s gameplay. By shutting down their options, you become an invaluable asset to your team.

B-Tier Traits:

Sadi: Slightly more Flow gain if winning.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Sadi trait rewards those who relish victory. If your team is dominating the game and heading towards a resounding win, this trait will give you a slight advantage by increasing your Flow gain. It taps to the joy you feel at success, pushing you to work harder when you’re on the winning team.

Maso: Slightly more Flow gain if losing.

For those who thrive under pressure and can use setbacks as motivation, the Maso trait is the best. This trait will give your Flow gain a slight boost when your team is playing a difficult game and you are on the losing side. It builds resiliency and perseverance, enabling you to access your inner strength and perform better in spite of the circumstances.

Anger Issues: Flow gain when someone steals the ball from you.

If you have a competitive fire burning within you, the Anger Issues trait is tailor-made for your playstyle. When an opponent successfully steals the ball from you, this trait channels your frustration into increased Flow gain. It transforms negative situations into a powerful motivator, driving you to retaliate and regain possession with even greater determination.

C-Tier Traits:

Risk Taker: Gain 1.7x cash when winning, gain nothing when losing.

For the daring and ambitious players, the Risk Taker trait offers a tantalizing opportunity. When you emerge victorious in a match, this trait grants you a 1.7x cash boost. Unfortunately, you won’t get any additional cash if you lose. This trait motivates you to take calculated risks and push the envelope in order to succeed, knowing that the rewards will be significant.

D-Tier Traits:

Trait Less: Unlucky bro, unlucky.

Every game has its ups and downs, and sometimes luck simply isn’t on your side. The Trait Less trait represents this unfortunate reality. With this trait, you don’t receive any additional benefits or advantages. While it may seem disheartening, it challenges you to rely solely on your skill and strategy, pushing you to improve your gameplay and prove yourself without any additional support.

Bonus Tips:

  • Synergy with Teammates: Consider the traits your teammates have chosen and try to create a synergy that benefits the entire team. For example, if you have the Foresight trait, coordinate with your teammates to mark different opponents and create a solid defensive strategy.
  • Balance Exp Allocation: When allocating your stat points, aim for a well-rounded build that covers important aspects like speed, agility, shooting, and defense. Avoid over-investing in a single stat and strive for balance to be effective in various situations.
  • Learn from Defeats: Don’t get discouraged by losses. Instead, view them as learning opportunities. Analyze what went wrong, identify areas for improvement, and adapt your gameplay accordingly. Use defeats to refine your skills and become a stronger player.

Egoist Awakens Traits FAQs, Answered

Are certain traits better for specific positions?

While some traits may complement certain positions better than others, Egoist Awakens focuses on the overall gameplay experience rather than strict position-based traits. Choose traits that enhance your personal strengths and playstyle, regardless of your position.

Can I unlock more traits as I progress in the game?

No, you can only select from the attributes that are present at the game’s beginning. Utilize the available attributes to their full potential and develop your player accordingly.

Do traits affect my teammates?

Traits primarily affect your own performance and gameplay. However, selecting traits that synergize well with your teammates can indirectly benefit the entire team’s performance.

So, there you have it—the Egoist Awakens Tier List. For more Roblox tier list check out the new Blue Heater tier list and Roadman Odyssey Tier List Wiki page.