Elegant Fedora in Roblox Super Punch Simulator: How to get?

Elegant Fedora in Roblox Super Punch Simulator, a snazzy headpiece is up for grabs for those brave enough to take on the challenge dished out by the Free UGC event. It’s like a treasure hunt, leading you on a journey of tasks that eventually lands you the grand prize.

In this guide, we will be diving into the nitty-gritty of obtaining that Elegant Fedora in Roblox Super Punch Simulator. I will also break down the steps, explain what needs to be done, and throw in some useful pointers to make the entire process a bit smoother.

Prerequisites for obtaining Elegant Fedora in Super Punch Simulator

Elegant Fedora
By Clashiverse

To start, run the game and click on the “Free UGC” limited event, situated at the top left corner of the screen. Among the exciting rewards lies the Elegant Fedora, requiring you to accomplish three tasks:

  • Play for 60 Minutes
  • Hatch 750 Eggs
  • Rebirth Five Times

Task 1: Playing for 60 Minutes

While spending an hour in the game might sound daunting, here’s the good news: completing this task will significantly contribute to your progress on the other objectives. To maximize your efficiency, consider using an auto-clicker or an auto-farm feature to help gather strength and achieve rebirths faster.

Task 2: Hatch 750 Eggs

To complete this egg-hatching task, use the cheapest eggs available. Notably, doing so will help in saving resources while you work to hit the goal. Remember that playing the game and concentrating on rebirths will undoubtedly lead you to hatch a large number of eggs.

Task 3: Rebirth Five Times

In Super Punch Simulator, rebirthing is a key mechanism. Prioritize increasing strength using auto-clickers or other automated techniques to speed up this process. You’ll be able to build up your strength for rebirthing more quickly if you do this. To increase your rebirthing and egg-opening speed, think about redeeming codes like “Triple Power” and “Triple Gems”.

Accelerate Your Progress

Here are some useful tips to speed up your Elegant Fedora quest:

  1. Utilize Codes: Redeem Super Punch Simulator codes such as “35k likes,” “30k likes,” “20k likes,” and “skibie” for various boosts. These codes will aid you in accumulating power and gems more efficiently, which are crucial for rebirthing and egg-opening.
  2. Focus on Triple Boosts: Concentrate on using “Triple Power” and “Triple Gems” boosts to amplify your progress. These boosts will enable you to complete tasks at a much faster rate.
  3. AFK Farming: Utilize auto-clickers or other AFK methods to gather strength and complete rebirths without actively playing the game.

That’s all for now! If you follow these guidelines, take advantage of boosts, and adopt clever tactics, you’ll be on the right path to obtaining Elegant Fedora in Roblox Super Punch Simulator.

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