Fossil Corner How to make or clone an 8-Star Fossil?

Okay, so you’ve looked up the (complicated!) final genome of an 8-star fossil. But what does that mean in English?

Here are simple, easy-to-follow instructions to make an 8-Star Fossil in the hugely popular Fossil Corne game that will take the least money and time!

Purchasing Required Equipment for 8-Star Fossil

In order to complete the achievement using this method, you need two pieces of equipment:

  • Fossil Combiner (¢30)
  • Genome App (¢20)

Total equipment cost: ¢50

(Note: If you can’t yet access these items in the store, keep replying to emails, and they’ll eventually unlock.)

Creating the 8-Star Fossil

Once you have the necessary equipment, it’s time to start actually making your 8-star fossil!

You will be making a total of 10 fossils, so having 10 open spaces in the workspace where you keep your computer and Fossil Combiner will make this process quicker.

To help keep the fossils straight, you’re going to use the naming feature to give them simple, easy-to-read labels instead of worrying about complicated species codes and genealogies.

Remember, to set a custom name, just select the fossil, click the Edit button in the lower left, and in the sidebar that pops up on the right, click the Rename button. (After cloning or crossbreeding a fossil, you may have to pocket and place it before you can select it.)

The process is as follows:

  1. Using the Genome app, clone Species Code 22AG17I603, and name the cloned fossil “Zulu” (¢8)
  2. Clone 1CALHCYD01 (“Yankee”) (¢8)
  3. Clone 17AZQQRU09 (“Xray”) (¢8)
  4. Clone 22AEQEGB05 (“Whiskey”) (¢8)
  5. Use the Fossil Combiner to crossbreed Zulu + Yankee, and name the resulting fossil “Alfa” (¢8)
  6. Crossbreed Zulu + Alfa = “Bravo” (¢8)
  7. Crossbreed Alfa + Bravo = “Charlie” (¢8)
  8. Crossbreed Xray + Charlie = “Delta” (¢8)
  9. Crossbreed Delta + Charlie = “Echo” (¢8)
  10. Crossbreed Whiskey + Echo = “Foxtrot” (¢8)

If you followed the instructions, Foxtrot should be your 8-star fossil, with the following genealogy code:


Total cost of cloning and crossbreeding: ¢80

Congrats on the achievement!