[PAID ACCESS] gFighting Trello & Discord Link FAQ [Official]

If you’re in need of some information on the gFighting game on Roblox, you can likely find it by heading to the gFighting Trello page. Here you can find the official links to both Trello and Discord, which contains a variety of details on how the experience functions.

The Trello page contains details on the Shops, Machines, Callisthenics Trainings, Traits, Styles, Clans, Maps, and some general info on the game.

The official gFighting Trello board is a great way to get plenty of information quickly. It is also a lot simpler than any Roblox Wiki created on fandom, because everything is presented on the same page for easy access.

Here’s the official and verified Roblox gFighting Trello & Discord links

We’ve checked these sources ourselves, and they’re legit. So, feel free to dive in and check out the official gFighting Trello and Discord pages.

Official TrellogFighting Trello (Official & Verified)
Official DiscordgFighting Discord
Official game pagegFighting
Official groupTōkyō

gFighting Controls:

  • R — Evasive once full adrenaline
  • Q — Dash
  • F — Block
  • Adrenaline — increases your damage and lets u use evade
  • m1 — Gripping
  • C — Robbing

What is Trello?

Trello is like a special tool where we write and share cards with in-depth information. Roblox game creators use it to tell us new stuff about the game.

How to start at G?

First u need to buy jumping jacks at the gym then go to the protein shop and do them with protein bar that will boost your muscle gain we would recommend 100.

How to create organisation?

First you would need to create a Roblox group then once done in game you will press ” and click on org and then click create.

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