Hell Hook in Blade Ball: How to use this ability in Roblox

Blade Ball just dropped a brand-new update, and with it comes a shiny new ability: Hell Hook. Sounds badass, right? Well, let’s see if it actually lives up to the hype.

First impressions? Not great. I spent a fortune on this thing (7,500 coins for the base ability), and at first, it did absolutely nothing.

Used it without the ball? Nada. Tried it with the ball? Still nada. I was about to rage-quit, but then…

A glimmer of hope! I realized the key is timing. You got to use Hell Hook right as the ball is coming towards you. Then, you can yank an unsuspecting opponent right into its path.

But, it’s tricky to pull off. You got to be quick and accurate, and even then, things can go wrong. Other players can dodge your hook, use their own abilities to counter it, or the ball might just yeet itself in a random direction.

So, is Hell Hook worth it? Honestly, I’m on the fence. It has the potential to be super powerful, but it’s also unreliable and requires a lot of practice.

Maybe wait and see if they buff it before dropping your hard-earned coins.

Here’s the lowdown on my experience with Hell Hook ability in Roblox:

  • Cost: 7,500 coins to buy, even more to upgrade.
  • Functionality: Throws a hook that supposedly pulls players towards you. Sounds simple, right? Except it barely works!
  • First Impressions: Tried it without the ball, did nothing. Tried it with the ball, still nothing. Tried it again, still nothing! Is this ability even real?
  • Strategy”: Apparently, the key is to use it when the ball is coming towards you, then pull someone into its path. Sounds good in theory, but in practice, it’s a buggy mess! The hook either doesn’t connect, gets interrupted by other abilities, or just yeets the ball in a random direction.
  • Server Switch: Hoping for a fresh start, I joined a new server. This time, it actually worked…once! But then, telekinesis abilities started messing with it, and things went downhill fast.

This ability is a HUGE disappointment. It’s expensive, unreliable, and frankly, just not worth the hassle.

Until they fix the bugs and make it actually function as intended, I’d steer clear of Hell Hook.

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