Home Safety Hotline Answers Walkthrough (Expert Achievement)

Stuck on the Home Safety Expert achievement? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! This isn’t your boring textbook guide, this is a Home Safety Hotline answers walkthrough, plus a heads-up for a stinky surprise waiting for you on Saturday.

Claire might try to throw you off with some cryptic hints about a creature that smells like rotten eggs, but don’t fall for it! That’s just a red herring leading you away from the real answer: a fae feast. Trust me, it’s not as delicious as it sounds.

So, settle in (without any suspicious odors, please), and let’s ace this achievement together!

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Home Safety Hotline Answers Walkthrough


  • John – Cockroaches
  • Grace – Mice
  • Hank – Moles
  • Tim – Ticks


  • Mike – Black Mold
  • Hunnigan – Common Hobb
  • Michelle – Mice
  • Fred – Carpenter Ants
  • Dan – Desk Hobb


  • David – Stair Slug
  • Peter – Frozen Pipes
  • Quaid – Memory Wisp
  • Harvey – Bed Teeth
  • Wanda – Termites
  • Gary – Boggart


  • Ash – False Beet
  • Felicia – Night Gnome
  • Belinda – Attic Gnome
  • May – False Artifact
  • Leo – Fracture Hobb
  • Phil – Fae Flu
  • Kyle – Unicorn Fungi
  • Jackie – Travel Gnome
  • Larry – Cellar Grotto


  • Patrice – Sprig Tree
  • Robert – Common Hobb
  • Pamela – False Flower
  • Andy – Lamp Sprite
  • Albert – Floor Roots
  • Helen – Mirror Nymph
  • Ramona – The Horde
  • Maple – Night Wisp
  • Patty – Portal
  • Jules – Soap Sprite


  • Brittany – Wine Sprite
  • Ruth – Wood Secretions
  • Howard – Spriggan
  • Jay – Autumn Vines
  • Jill – Neighbour’s Doorway
  • Claire – Fae Feast *
  • Paul – Bed Bugs
  • Charles – Leprechaun
  • Edward – Troll
  • Sheila – Tea Sprite
  • Christie – Bed Hag
  • Carla – Whistling Fungi
  • Rachael – Pooka

Oh, just a quick thing about Claire’s question — I reckon you got to fail to get her call. She’ll be like, “Should’ve eaten it, smells like rotten eggs, and looks like a pile of crap on the table.” It sounds pretty literal, you know? She even mentions her dog couldn’t make a pile that huge. So, it’s kinda funny how she puts it.

I’m not sure how you’re meant to get that from what she tells you, but when you can’t replay a day without replaying the game, this is very annoying.


No one in this part has names when they call, so I just grabbed a bit of what they asked. Also, not totally sure these are the right answers because there’s no end card to double-check, but they did give me the achievement.

“[…] followers of our Queen” – Bees
“[…] not living, yet I clatter” – Animation
“[…] encroacher of the dry, friend to water of the sky” – Rain Nymph
“[…] harbinger of death, bringer of pestilence” – House Fly
“[…] domains of those who have too much” – Closet Labyrinth
“[…] companions of the gardens, compel those who tread to tread no longer” – Seedling
“[…]I am the dancer” – House Fires
“[…]I am the seeker” – Dorcha