Honkai Star Rail Hanya Leak Reveals Exciting Details About This Confirmed Character

In an exciting turn of events, leaked information about the highly anticipated Honkai: Star Rail character, Hanya, has surfaced on social media.

Although the details are not official, sources suggest that this leak is very reliable, creating a buzz among fans of the popular RPG, and we’ve got all the thrilling details you’ve been dying to know!

The leak reveals, Hanya to be a 4-star character known as “The Harmony” and possesses a range of skills that promise to leave a lasting impact on the battlefield. Here is the actual source of the Hanya leak:

With her Skill ability, she deals a substantial amount of Physical Damage to a single target based on their ATK, accompanied by the application of a unique effect called “Burden.” This Burden effect automatically triggers three times after recovering skill points, lasting for a certain number of turns.

The Ultimate ability of her is nothing short of remarkable. When activated, it not only increases the Speed of an ally, but also boosts their ATK, with the strength of the increase being a percentage of her own Speed and ATK. This incredible effect persists for several rounds, while also granting the recovery of a skill point, providing a strategic advantage to the team.

Her Talent is equally fascinating. When an ally attacks a target afflicted with the Burden effect, their damage output receives a significant boost. Moreover, there is a chance of skill point recovery when attacking a burdened enemy, offering further tactical opportunities for players.

Accompanied by a group of unique Eidolons, she can use them to enhance her skills. These Eidolons offer a number of benefits, including the ability to restore skill points after defeating an opponent who has been affected by Burden, advance her next move after using Basic ATK, and unlock higher levels of skills and basic attacks.

The leaks also revealed traces of her potential. The Recorder trace increases the chance of skill point recovery for her Talent when allies attack burdened enemies with low skill points. The Underworld trace augments the damage output of allies when they attack burdened enemies. Lastly, the Resurrection trace grants her Energy restoration whenever the Burden skill point recovery is triggered.

As the next version approaches, fans are eager to experience the excitement of playing as Hanya and discovering the full extent of her abilities.

Keep checking back for new details and get geared up for an electrifying journey with Hanya by your side.

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