House Quests In Hogwarts Legacy (2023)

This guide is about the house quests in Hogwarts Legacy. These quests are exclusive assignments related to the main story of the game. To start performing these quests, you need to be a student of the relevant house , complete the quest “Merlin’s Test”, and be level 5.

Depending on your house, you’ll get a different main quest at this stage of the story. In this guide we will provide you an overview of the quests for each house, including Hunting for Missing Pages for Gryffindor, Ollivander’s Family Heirloom for Claws, Prisoner of Love for Puffendui, and Skrowpe’s Last Hope for Slytherin.

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House Quests In Hogwarts Legacy

The conditions for each house are identical. In order to start performing quests, you need to perform several of the following actions:

  • Be a student of the relevant house
  • Complete the quest “Merlin’s Test”
  • Be level 5

Depending on your house, you’ll get a different main quest at this stage of the story:

  • Hunting for Missing Pages (Gryffindor)
  • Ollivander’s Family Heirloom (Claws)
  • Prisoner of Love (Puffendui)
  • Skrowpe’s Last Hope (Slytherin)


Hunting for missing pages

During the passage of this quest, you, as a student of the School of Witchcraft and Magic, will have to unravel the mystery of the mysterious book found, as well as take part in an unusual celebration that is arranged by ghosts. Get ready for amazing events – acquaintance with almost Headless Nick and the game “Hunting of the Headless”.



As part of the mission, you will have to visit Mr. Ollivander – the most famous master of magic wands, who suddenly had problems. Help a desperate Mr. Gerbold find a family heirloom. Be prepared to solve intricate puzzles on the territory of the owl.



Prisoner of Love

In the course of its passage, you will learn the tragic story of a wrongly convicted woman who, due to an incorrect action, is forced to shorten her last years of life in Azkaban. Ahead awaits an exciting journey to the legendary prison, which previously fans of books and films about Harry Potter could only dream of. Get ready to meet Dementors and solve challenging puzzles.



In the process of fulfilling it, you will have the opportunity to talk to the house elf of Mr. Black (the headmaster of the school) and help him in his search for an ancient family decoration.

Get ready to talk to the ghost: Richard Garland who will share secrets about the past of the Black family.



In this guide we have tried to provide you an overview of the house quests in Hogwarts Legacy. Each house has its own quest that can be unlocked by fulfilling specific requirements. These quests provide fascinating and challenging gameplay while also allowing you to visit iconic spots throughout the magical world.

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