How to get coins fast in Toilet Tower Defense

In the Toilet Tower Defense game, coins are an important currency, and with the right strategy and tactics, you can collect them very quickly.

This guide will teach you how to effectively earn up to 1,200 coins every hour in Toilet Tower Defense, as well as alternative strategies for those without certain Game Passes.

So, let’s get started right away!

Step 1: Redeem the Code for Free Coins

To kickstart your coin grinding journey, make sure to redeem some of the working codes like “cool scientist” within the game. This will give you an instant bonus of 100 free coins, giving you a head start towards your 1,200 coins per hour goal.

Step 2: Utilize the AFK Farm for Consistent Coin Earning

For those looking to earn coins while away from the keyboard (AFK), the AFK Farm is the way to go. By utilizing this feature, you can passively collect coins over time.

To optimize your earnings, consider purchasing the 2x coins Game Pass or having Roblox Premium, as this will double your coin income, yielding 120 coins per hour. If you don’t have access to these, you’ll still earn a respectable 60 coins per hour.

Step 3: Unlock the Desert and Maximize Coin Grinding

Unlocking the Desert is crucial for those who want to earn even more coins. We recommend having the 2x coins Game Pass for this step as well, as it significantly boosts your coin intake. Without the Game Pass, you’ll still earn coins, but not at the 1,200 coins per hour rate.

Step 4: Setting Up Your Coin Grinding Strategy

To maximize your coin earnings, follow these more advance strategy:

  • Place three large cameramen to start generating cash flow.
  • Upgrade each large cameraman to level two.
  • Upgrade one of the large cameramen to level three.
  • Save up cash for Titan TV man.
  • Sell one large cameraman when you have 800 cash and place the Titan TV man.
  • Halt skipping for waves 10 and 11 to accumulate more cash.
  • Upgrade the Titan TV man to level 4 and one large cameraman to max level before the vacuum toilet arrives.
  • Stop skipping in wave 15 to ensure a smooth transition.

We hope this guide will be informative and helpful for your coin grinding journey. For more Roblox tips and tricks, check out the Roblox guide section.