Idle Survivors Last Stand tier list: Best heroes guide (December 2023)

Idle Survivors Last Stand is a post-apocalyptic world based game where the world’s been struck by a deadly plague, and the aliens are scheming to take over the Earth.

Now, as one of the standout survivors and a commander in this war, your mission is absolutely crucial – it’s up to you to stop the virus and kick the alien invaders out.

To get that job done right, you got to gear up, gather powerful heroes, and team up with other players for the ultimate showdown.

Now, to help you create the best lineup possible, I’ve gone ahead and curated a proper Idle Survivors Last Stand tier list, ranking all them heroes from the best to the ones you might want to think twice about.

The Character Tier System – Understanding the Ranking

Before I start with the tier list, let’s understand the ranking system I’ll be using:

  • A Tier: The fun begins here! These heroes have solid abilities and can be the backbone of your team.
  • S Tier: One of the best! These heroes are carrying everyone and can make a huge impact on the battlefield.
  • SS Tier: These heroes are exceptional, and they are the ones you want to build your core team around.
  • SS+ Tier: Situational picks that can shine in the right circumstances and team compositions.
  • SSS Tier: The real heavy-hitters and game-changers. They can carry your team to victory in even the toughest battles.

Idle Survivors Last Stand tier list: Our all-time best character recommendations

The Idle Survivors Last Stand tier list presented here is based on the current meta. As it keeps evolving I will update this tier list accordingly.

A Tier – The Fun Begins

The heroes in this tier are where the fun starts. They have solid abilities and can be valuable assets to your team:

  • Imperial Captain: A massive single-target damage dealer until you get your SSS-class heroes.
  • Master Samurai: Tanky with good damage, but his lifesteal is mediocre and might lose to others at high ranks.
  • Fatal Lily: Excellent for killing pesky backline healers from afar, potentially an S-tier if positioned correctly.

S Tier – Carrying Everyone

Here come the real heavy-hitters! These heroes can make a huge impact and can carry your team to victory:

  • Imperial Warrior: Good damage, awesome shields, and the ability to sustain himself make him a solid pick.
  • Smart: Offers solid damage and performs well against bosses, but be cautious of his lack of healing during his damage immunity phase.
  • Bio-weirdo: A solid tank with remarkable sustainability, although lacking in damage output and excelling in pure tanking.
  • Card Magician: Arguably the best SS damage dealer, capable of dealing immense damage comparable to some SSS-class heroes.

SS Tier – The Real Deal

These heroes are exceptional, and building your core team around them will hugely increase your chances of success:

  • Armored Sage: Elusive, tanky, and decent damage, but requires multiple copies to shine.
  • Smiling Apostle: A crazy area damage dealer, especially effective in red faction teams.
  • Stellar Archer: Her entire kit screams damage, and even at low stars, she can dish out massive crits.
  • Firefox Rider: Good damage, good sustain, and can be likened to a boss with 2 phases.

SS+ Tier – Situationally Great

These heroes shine in specific situations and team compositions, making them valuable for different scenarios:

  • Reformed Tyrant: Position him correctly, and he will single-handedly take down the enemy support.
  • Holy Bishop: A counter to Reformed Tyrant, provides permanent buffs to the team, but lacks healing abilities.

SSS Tier – The Game-Changers

The heavyweights of the game! These heroes will make the difference between victory and defeat:

  • Field Medic: The best tank + healer combo in the game, especially effective when paired with Sacred Gun.
  • Choral Diva: The best healer in the game, sharing damage received with the team for better frontline sustainability.
  • Justice Angel: Unparalleled damage and sustain, with a built-in revive, she mows through enemies without dying.
  • Sublime Spear: Counters healing, excels in single-target damage, and combining with Justice Angel forms an unbeatable combo.

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Idle Survivors Last Stand tier list FAQs section


What is the Idle Survivors Last Stand character tier list?

It is a ranking system that categorizes heroes based on their impact in the game. It helps you identify the most powerful and valuable heroes to build strong teams and increase their chances of success.

Is the tier list definitive?

No, the tier list is not definitive. The developers may release updates, balance changes, or introduce new heroes that can alter the hero rankings.

Stay updated on this page with the latest changes to ensure you’re using the most accurate tier list.

Can I succeed in the game without using top-tier heroes?

Absolutely! While top-tier heroes provide advantages, success in the game is not solely determined by hero rankings.

Proper strategy, coordination, and player skill also play significant roles.

That’s it for now! We hope you enjoyed reading this new and upgraded Idle Survivors Last Stand tier list for the global meta.

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