Infinite Borders Guide for Beginners 2024: Troop Types, Lineup, & More!

Infinite Borders is a strategic simulation game based on the Records of the Three Kingdoms. In the game, you can occupy land tiles to expand your territory and, at times, lead your own troops to fight against enemy troops for territory.

The fun of this game lies in forming your own troops and expanding your territory as part of an Alliance. At the same time, you can also enhance your troops when organizing them based on historical principles.

In this Infinite Borders beginners guide, we will cover everything in details so you can get started in this game on the right foot.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Infinite Borders Strategy for Early-Game Walkthrough

First, progress through the game along the Major Issues (Main Quests)

In the Major Issues, there will be quests that instruct players to construct and occupy land. If you don’t know what to do first, start playing the game as directed by the Major Issues.

Try to spend more time playing the game right after creating an account

After creating a character, you will enter the initial 48-hour account creation phase. In this phase, players can get some special benefits such as Stamina consumption reduction and resource refunding, so it is recommended to try to spend more time playing the game during this phase.

Meanwhile, there are some things that need to be done every day, so we suggest you handle them while progressing through the game.

Obtain Jades via League Rankings and Events

In S1, after the server is launched, there will be some time-limited events that award Jades. Jades are necessary when recruiting Heroes (drawing units), so you should prioritize them.

Try to Conserve Resources

Don’t get wiped out in battle. The first key point is to not get wiped out in battle. If your army is wiped out in battle, you will need to consume a large number of resources to draft. In particular, drafting will consume Food, which is difficult to obtain in the early game, so you should try to preserve your troops. 

Don’t use the construction time reduction function

When constructing a facility, you can skip the waiting time by consuming 20 Jades. However, this will prevent you from obtaining the resources produced within the construction time, thus accelerating resource exhaustion.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use the construction time reduction function.

Recommended Stratagems in the Early Stages

The recommended Stratagems in the early stages of S1 are covered in this walkthrough. In this article, we will introduce the 3 star, 4 star, and 5 star Heroes who are recommended to be dismantled for Stratagems.

If you are a new player and want to know which Stratagems you should dismantle, you must read this article.

Stratagems gained from Petitions

In Petitions, you can obtain Stratagems suitable for the initial lineup. We suggest that you let the Phys Attack Heroes, such as Cao Cao, learn Assault, and the Strategic Heroes, such as Huangfu Song, learn Plan Attack.

3 star Stratagem Recommendations

There are more chances to obtain 3 star Stratagems, and it’s easy to dismantle them, so they are especially recommended for use in the early stages.

Although not all 3 star Stratagems need to be dismantled, we suggest that you try to obtain the following ones from the beginning of the game.

4 star Stratagem Recommendations

Stratagems can be obtained by dismantling 4 star Heroes, but many 4 star Heroes can be used in the early stages. Therefore, there is no need to dismantle all Heroes, but it is recommended to obtain Stratagems essential for your lineup.

5 star Stratagem Recommendations

It is difficult to research 5 star Stratagems to 100%, but they are usually very powerful. If you have relatively few Heroes on hand, we suggest you only dismantle them to obtain Lv.1 Stratagems.

When dismantling Stratagems, you should give priority to those that can increase the research progress of the Stratagems your main Heroes are using.

Command Rules and Ways to Increase it

What is Command?

Command for Lineups: Command is the requisite cost when deploying Heroes in a team. Basically, the higher the Rarity of a Hero, the higher the Hero’s Command will be. Heroes with higher Command have greater growth in their capabilities.

Match Heroes Based on the Troop Command Cap: Troop Command is the total Command cap of Heroes who can be deployed in a troop. Therefore, when forming a troop, you need to keep the sum of Hero Command within Troop Command.

How to Increase Troop Command?

Increase the Castle Level: If you want to increase Troop Command, you should first increase the Castle Level. Each time the Castle Level is increased, Troop Command will be increased by 0.5. When the Castle reaches the highest level (Lv.8), Troop Command will be increased to 8.5.

Construction and Upgrade of the Buddhist Temple: The construction and upgrade of the Buddhist Temple can also increase Troop Command. Each time the Buddhist Temple Level is increased, Troop Command will be increased by 0.5, up to 1.5. In conjunction with the increase of the Castle Level, Troop Command can be increased to up to 10.0.

Lineup Basics and Essentials

Deploy Center and Grand Camp

Select a City or a City of your Force and open the Lineup page. First, place the Center and the Grand Camp Heroes where they can be deployed, so you can form Troops that can fight in battle.

Please note that the Vanguard cannot be deployed until a Commander Hall is constructed.

Upgrade the Drill Grounds to increase the number of Troops that can be formed

The number of Troops increases as the Drill Grounds are upgraded, up to a maximum of 5 Troops.

You can upgrade the Drill Grounds early in the game, so we recommend you to do so as soon as possible.

Things to take note of in a Lineup

Keep the Hero Command total within Troop Command

Command falls into Hero Command and Troop Command. You must keep the lineup’s Hero Command total within Troop Command.

Pay attention to Attack Range and Effective Distance

Heroes have their respective Attack Range. There may be times when the Center or the Grand Camp’s attacks fall short due to a limited Attack Range, so it is important to double-check the Attack Range of each Hero in the lineup!

In addition to Attack Range, Heroes’ Stratagems also have Effective Distance. When you equip a Hero with a Stratagem, we recommend you check if the Effective Distance of the Stratagem is sufficient.

Use Troop Bonuses to power up

The Troop Bonus is made up of the Troop Type Bonus, Faction Bonus, and Title Bonus. Account for Troop Bonuses in your lineup to significantly increase your Troop’s combat effectiveness and make battles easier.

Troop Types and Their Counter Relations

There are three Troop Types in total

They are Archer, Infantry, and Cavalry. You can access the Hero page for information on the Hero’s Troop Type.

Please note that the horse icon represents Cavalry, the bow icon represents Archers, and the sword and shield icon represents Infantry.


Different Troop Types counter each other: Cavalry counter Infantry, Infantry counter Archers, and Archers counter Cavalry. Remembering these three counter relations will help you gain an advantage in battle, so be sure to remember them.

Advanced Troop Types can change the counter relations

When Heroes reach Lv.30, the Advanced Troop Type function that gives them access to additional abilities will be unlocked. Advanced Troop Types may reverse the Troop Type Counter relations, so you need to pay greater attention.

What are Advanced Troop Types?

It’s one way to enhance Heroes. Advanced Troop Types are mechanics that allow you to obtain Troop Type Features with new effects. You can spend materials on the Hero Details page to convert a Hero’s Troop Type into an Advanced Troop Type.

5 star Heroes and 4 star Heroes can have two Advanced Troop Types, while 3 star Heroes can have one Advanced Troop Type.

How to Unlock Advanced Troop Types?

Spend materials to unlock. You can tap Switch on the Details page of a Hero at Lv.30 or above to unlock Advanced Troop Types. Tap the Troop Type you want to switch and spend the above materials to unlock an Advanced Troop Type.

In addition, the Hero acting as material does not have to be the same Hero. We recommend using a Hero who you will not dismantle for Stratagems.

Things to Do Every Day

Recruit Heroes for free

In Recruitment, you can perform Famous General Recruitment for free once every 12 hours. Moreover, before you get the next free recruitment chances, you can perform Famous General Recruitment at half-price, so it’s recommended to actively recruit if there are Heroes you want.

Coin Recruitment unlocks after upgrading each faction’s Command Platform to Lv.5.
This type of recruitment, as the name indicates, consumes Coins instead of Jades. Each card pool for recruitment allows a maximum of 5 draws per day.

Dismantling low-rarity Heroes Gain Stratagem EXP. There is a small chance of gaining 4 star or 5 star Heroes, so you should try to recruit every day if you have sufficient Coins.

Claim Taxes

You can collect taxes three times a day from Domestic Affairs. Claiming taxes grants Coins, so don’t forget to claim them every day.

Note that after each collection, there’s a two-hour waiting period before you can collect the next tax, so it is recommended to log in to the game regularly to collect them. You can consume 20 Jades to claim taxes immediately.

Attend to Petition Affairs

Every day at 8:00 and 20:00, a certain number of Petition Affairs will be added. After handling these affairs, you can gain rewards such as resources and Hero EXP.

Only a maximum of 15 Petition Affairs can be saved, so we suggest you attend to them frequently.

View the Marketplace

You can View the Marketplace from Domestic Affairs. The Marketplace sells products such as Hero Card Packs and Stratagem EXP. You can exchange your resources, Jades, Coins, etc. for them.

The products in the Marketplace are automatically updated at 24:00 (UTC+9) every day. Products marked as “Special Offer” are good bargains, so it’s a good idea to View the Marketplace daily. You can consume 50 Jades to refresh products immediately.

Confirm Decrees

Decrees are required for actions such as building construction, Reclamation, and Drill. You can accumulate a maximum of 20 Decrees, which recover at a rate of one per hour. It is recommended to use your Decrees without delay to avoid wasting them.

If you don’t have much time to play the game, it is recommended that you consume Decrees to drill your main troops.

There’s so much more to explore in Infinite Borders, but with these tips, you’re already a mini-strategist!