How to kill The Invincible Turtle In Genshin Impact?

So, you’ve stumbled upon the Invincible Turtle and now you’re wondering how to kill the Invincible Turtle In Genshin Impact? Right? We have got you covered!

This new creature has created quite a stir in the community, with players scrambling to figure out how to take it out.

In this guide, we’ll explore different approaches you can take to deal with the Invincible Turtle.

How to kill The Invincible Turtle In Genshin Impact?

Understanding the Invincible Turtle’s Immunity

The Invincible Turtle, as its name suggests, is 1000% resistant to all elements and attacks. This means that even your strongest characters and weapons won’t be able to make a dent in its defense. It’s like attempting to knock down a brick wall with a feather.

You’ll need to think of other options in place of trying to kill it.

Approaching the Invincible Turtle Strategically

One way to approach the Invincible Turtle is to use strategic thinking. Try using characters and equipment that can lower its resistance value, such as cryo and electro characters. This can help weaken its defense and make it easier to deal with.

Experimenting with Different Environments

Another approach to dealing with the Invincible Turtle is to experiment with different environments. For example, you can try luring it to a water body and see if it will drown.

You may also try guiding it to a location with explosive barrels and see if you can blow it up. Even if such methods may not be optimal, they can be interesting to experiment with and occasionally produce unexpected outcomes.

Taking a Break and Trying Your Luck

If everything else fails, taking a break and trying your luck with the game’s wishes can be a good idea. You might get lucky and pull a new character or weapon that can help you deal with the Invincible Turtle in a unique way. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the first player to figure out how to take it down!

But in all seriousness, we know that coming across an invincible enemy might be upsetting, particularly if you’re used to eliminating enemies left and right. But keep in mind that this is what also makes Genshin Impact tough and enjoyable at a same time.

The experiences you have and the challenges that you encounter while playing the game are what matter most. So, for now, relax and have fun with new characters in the game. Don’t stress too much about the Invincible Turtle in Genshin Impact.

Who knows, perhaps the Invincible Turtle will one day become weak, and we will all be able to defeat it together. Till then, have fun playing!

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