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Kivotos Battlegrounds is a new game in which Blue Archive meets Roblox. It takes your favourite Blue Archive characters and throws them into an epic Roblox shootout.

The game features adorable anime schoolgirls with big guns and thrilling PvP battles across familiar Kivotos locations.

You have to collect your favourite characters and build your dream squad to blast your way to the top of the leaderboard!

Roblox Kivotos Battlegrounds Discord & Trello Sources

Checked these sources myself, and they’re legit. Dive in and check out the official Kivotos Battlegrounds Discord and Trello board.

Official TrelloKivotos Battlegrounds Trello (Official & Verified)
Official DiscordKivotos Battlegrounds Discord
Official Roblox game pageKivotos Battlegrounds
Official Roblox groupKivotos Battlegrounds Group
Character Tier ListKivotos Battlegrounds tier list

Game Mechanics


  • WASD – Movement
  • Space – Jump
  • E – Basic Skill
  • Q – EX Skill
  • R – Reload


Currency in the game is obtained through various methods. This can then be used to purchase skins. The daily login bonus is affected by premium/weekend boosts.

Methods to obtain credits

  • Winning any game gives you 100 credits
  • Losing any game gives you 40 credits
  • Daily login bonus gives 150 credits

Weekday credit rates

  • Non-Premium: 1x
  • Premium: 1.25x

Weekend credit rates (Fri/Sat/Sun)

  • Non-Premium: 1.5x
  • Premium:: 1.75x


In Kivotos Battlegrounds, students have a basic skill, as well as an EX skill.

Basic skill
  • Normally under a cooldown timer.
  • Sometimes requires landing hits to activate instead, as is the case with C. Serina.
EX skill
  • Uses energy as a cooldown instead of a fixed timer.
  • Energy is gained over time. Doing damage also charges energy.
  • Certain students such as Noa, do not have an energy meter.

Damage Drop

Damage for guns drops as they travel.

  • Damage from normal shots decreases as the distance from your enemy decreases.
  • Damage from basic skills and EX skills are not affected by damage drop except for Azusa’s basic skill and Noa’s basic skill.
  • Aru and Arisu are unaffected by damage drop.

Kivotos Battlegrounds FAQs, Answered

How frequently are updates released?

You can stay tuned to the Kivotos Battlegrounds Trello board and Discord server for new updates on game patches, new features, and improvements.

The devs typically communicate upcoming changes and events through these platforms.

Can I talk with the Kivotos Battlegrounds community on Discord?

Yes, you can! The Discord server is a hub for the community. You can join channels like #general or #discussion to chat with other players and share strategies.

How can I report bugs or provide feedback?

If you encounter bugs or have suggestions, the Discord server has a dedicated channel called #bug-reports for feedback sharing.

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