Limbus Company: How to defend in the new meta?

I’ll be honest with you, this guide was written out of sheer frustration with all these new players (and some old ones too) who keep whining about how low clash power makes the game hard, without even giving defence skills a proper go.

If you’re having trouble clearing stages in any of the game modes because you keep losing clashes or think you don’t have enough clash power to clear a level, then that’s a skill issue. Every single case of these complaints I’ve seen has come from people who just don’t use defence skills. And the higher-tier players I’ve spoken to use defence skills all the time.

So, this guide is here to show you how and when to use defence skills, so you can stop complaining and start playing like a pro player!

Why Defend?


  • You get hit.


  • Because defence scales.

Unlike coin power, which largely remains static, the power of defence skills — aside from evade — scales with the level of your Sinners. In Mirror Dungeon, defensive skills — aside from evade — are as powerful on the 1st floor as they are on the 5th. They will never lose their value.

1. Evade

While many sees evade as the best defence skill because success negates all damage, it is actually the worst. Unlike the other skills, evade is incredibly situational and doesn’t scale with character levels, because it works on coin power instead of potency.

A single evade coin is flipped against all the opponent’s coins. If the evade coin fails once, it will fail the remaining coin flips.

Evade in Limbus Company
Screenshot by Clashiverse


  • Completely evade individual damage of coins
  • Affected by coin up


  • Does not scale with potency
  • Relatively low coin value
  • Single failure cascades
  • Reliant on sanity
  • Usually on IDs with low HP
  • Can fail on coin toss

When to use?

  • When in sin resonance for the evade skill
  • Against low sanity opponent with low minimum/max coin power
  • When attack skills are hopeless and attack cannot be redirected

2. Guard

Perhaps the most consistent — and therefore the best — of the defence skill. The shield generated scales with potency, meaning the higher the ID level is, the stronger it becomes. And as ID level cap increases, while coin power will remain the same, the guard power will only become stronger.

Guard generates a temporary shield that lasts the entire turn at the start of the attack.

Screenshot by Clashiverse


  • Scales with potency
  • Versatile
  • Generates shield
  • Shield lasts for whole turn
  • Usually on IDs with high HP
  • Activates on use so never fails


  • No offensive capabilities
  • Can take damage shield breaks

When to use?

  • When attack skills are neutral or below
  • When an attack redirection is needed
  • Against powerful attacks
  • When being targeted by multiple weak attacks
  • At high health against fatal/weak attacks
  • Not near stagger against normal/weak attacks
  • Practically anytime against endure/ineffective

3. Counter

While not as good as a pure guard, counter is a personal favourite, because there’s really nothing cooler for me than watching your little bean of a sinner dodge a strike and return it.

Unlike evade, which activates on coin toss, or guard which activates on use, counter activates only after surviving an attack, which might seem unintuitive in saying it is the second-best defensive action. But like the others, there are scenarios of when to use it, and why it is so powerful.

Screenshot by Clashiverse


  • Looks cool
  • Deals damage
  • Usually on IDs with high damage or…
  • on IDs applying debuffs
  • Damage scales with level
  • Usually on IDs with distant stagger value


  • Takes HP damage
  • Must survive attack to use
  • Not good against finishers

When to use?

  • Against low damage attacks
  • When sinner is not near being staggered
  • Against normal/weak/endure/ineffective damage types
  • To redirect attacks when there are not enough clash advantages
  • When sinner can survive/not get staggered by the attack


Don’t be a coward. Defend.

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