Minecraft Legends Mobs Tier List 2023 (Best Mobs Guide)

Welcome to our latest Minecraft Legends Mobs tier list and guide. In this game, you’ll experience the Overworld in a whole new way, but beware, fierce piglins threaten to conquer the land, and you’ll need to gather allies and form alliances with both new friends and familiar mobs to defend your village and protect the Overworld.

To help you in your quest, we’ve put together a comprehensive tier list of mobs in Minecraft Legends. From explosive Creepers to healing Mossy Golems, we’ve got you covered.

In this Minecraft Legends guide, we’ll delve into the strengths and abilities of each mob, and provide you with strategic insights on how to effectively unite the Overworld and triumph in epic battles.

So read on to discover the best mobs in Minecraft Legends that will help you tackle any challenge the game throws at you!

Minecraft Legends Mobs Tier List

Starting with the best mobs that are essential in every battle, we’ll move on to the lower level mobs.

S Tier Mobs:

Creeper (Costs Coal x2, Lapis x2)

Creepers are like walking TNT in Minecraft Legends! They love to explode, and when they get near enemies or structures, BOOM! They cause massive damage. This makes them perfect for smashing through groups of enemies or blowing up tough walls.

The fear factor caused by their explosions can also scatter enemy groups, providing a tactical advantage. Creepers are undoubtedly the best option if you’re looking for an attacking tactic.

Mossy Golem (Costs Iron x1, Lapis x1)

Mossy Golems are non-combat support units are absolute game-changers when it comes to keeping your team healthy and free from debuffs. Imagine having a buddy that can heal and clear away any negative effects on your nearby allies during an intense battle. That’s exactly what Mossy Golems bring to the table!

This makes them invaluable in supporting groups of melee allies, as they can keep the team healthy and remove any negative effects that may hinder their performance.

Their ability to support and sustain the team makes them a valuable asset in battles.

A Tier Mobs:

Zombie (Costs Redstone x2, Lapis x2)

Zombies are tough melee combat units with high health and resistance to debuffs.. They can disrupt melee attacks from enemies, making them suitable for frontline fighting.

Their durability and ability to withstand debuffs make them a reliable choice for soaking up damage and holding the line in battles.

Skeleton (Costs Diamond x2, Lapis x2)

Skeletons are similar to sharpshooters who can strike enemies from a distance and shoot over walls. They are therefore perfect for safely sniping far-off bosses or hordes of enemies.

Their ability to deal damage from afar can be advantageous in controlling the battlefield and picking off enemies strategically.

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B Tier Mobs:

Grindstone Golem (Costs Iron x1, Lapis x1)

Grindstone Golems are speedy melee combat units that can pack a punch in battle by delivering stunning blows to enemies. They are efficient against ranged opponents since they can quickly close the distance and block opposing strikes because to their speed.

Their stun ability can also provide crowd control, giving your team an opportunity to deal damage or reposition.

Plank Golem (Costs Wood x1, Lapis x1)

Plank Golems are standard ranged combat units that excel at fighting hordes of weak enemies from a distance. Their ranged attacks can be useful in thinning out groups of enemies before they get too close, providing a strategic advantage in battles.

C Tier Mobs:

Cobblestone Golem (Costs Stone x1, Lapis x1)

Cobblestone Golems are melee combat units that are suitable for destroying structures. They can deal damage to structures more efficiently than other mobs, making them useful in siege scenarios or when trying to breach enemy defenses.

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Minecraft Legends Tier List FAQ’s

Q: Can I use multiple mobs in my team?

A: Yes, you can create a team of different mobs to enhance your battle strategy. Combining different mob abilities can provide you with a more diverse and powerful approach in battles.

Q: How do I unlock new mobs in Minecraft Legends?

A: You can unlock new mobs by collecting resources and crafting them using the required materials. As you progress in the game and complete quests or challenges, you may also unlock new mobs as rewards.

Q: How do I upgrade my mobs?

A: You can upgrade your mobs by collecting resources and using them to upgrade their abilities or stats. Upgrading your mobs can make them more powerful and effective in battles.

Q: Are there any special abilities or strategies I should use in battles?

A: Yes, each mob has its own unique abilities and strengths. Understanding and utilizing these abilities in battles can greatly impact your success.

For example, using Creeper’s explosion to create chaos among enemies or using Mossy Golem’s healing ability to support your team.

Do you agree with our rankings? Did we miss any Mob that you think should be included? Do you have any questions about Mobs and their abilities?

Please share your questions or opinions in the box provided below. Your feedback can greatly help other players understand the subtleties of the game better.

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