MIR M Classes Guide – Best Character List for 2023

In this MIR M classes guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about various classes and how they can help you in the game.

After its global launch, MIR M: VANGUARD AND VAGABOND has gained immense popularity within MMORPG players community. However, we have seen a number of players asking for best class recommendations online. That is why we decided to curate this MIR M guide in which we will give you in-depth class explanations and recommendation.

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MIR M Classes Guide

Mir M has 3 different classes each of them has unique skills that express their specialties. If you are one of the pre-Dragonians who experienced the beta version of the MIR M, you may have noticed which class suits you well, but for the ones who joined after the CBT or will be joining after the launch, we thought it would be a great time to talk about the class recommendations.


Want to try tank class in MIR M? we recommend you choose Warrior.

Warrior is a dealer and tank class that deals melee damages with his strong HP points and stat called ‘Destruction’. Since it’s a class that requires you to get close to your opponent, usually warriors need to have a high spec to show their dignity. This means the early stage of Warrior may seem bad with slow growth speed, but it has the greatest balance between AoE and Single Target skills among the 3 classes. Go and try doing 1v1 against a warrior who uses ‘Swift Slash’ to swiftly run over you with the ‘Lion Roar’ combo that deals mass-range stun. You will be able to do absolutely nothing if you don’t have any allies around you.


Want to be the main dealer in MIR M? we recommend you choose Sorcerer.

Sorcerer is a specialist in hunting multiple monsters at once with lots of AoE skills that mainly deal damage based on magical stats, having high hunting speed with huge damage potential. Especially with ‘Thunderbloom’ along with ‘Blizzard’ and ‘Meteor Storm’, she can cast AoE skills while skills like ‘Flame Orb’, ‘Thunderstorm’, and ‘Dragon Strike’ can deal tons of damage to a single target. However, she has low HP and DEF which makes her somewhat vulnerable, costing you to consume lots of potions and controlling with delicacy. Other than that, she will definitely show off her existence on PVP, Hunting, Party Hunting, etc. with tons of AoE damage skills, even more if a tanker exists to protect her at the frontline.


Want to support and control the overall battlefield in MIR M? we recommend you choose Taoist.

Taoist is a hybrid character that summons ‘Rakshasas’ who grow depending on the ‘Destruction’, ‘Arcana’, ‘DEF’, and ‘Spell DEF’ stats. Since ‘Rakshasas’ supports all aspects especially in tanking and hunting despite having a long summoning time, Taoist is well known for the easy gameplay in the early game stage even using the least number of potions. Other than ‘Rakshasas’, Taoist has lots of buff/debuff skills that increase’ DMG Reduction’, ‘Spell DEF’, ‘DEF’, and other various stats which can be utilized in many different ways.

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