MY HERO ACADEMIA BATTLEGROUNDS: Official Trello & Discord Revealed

Discover the official MHA Battlegrounds Trello board and Discord server for real-time updates, community interaction, and the key to mastering this new Roblox game.

MY HERO ACADEMIA BATTLEGROUNDS Trello & Discord is officially LIVE! Gamefam is not just giving us some half-baked hero wannabe simulator this time – they’re dropping the full-on UA High experience, and it’s looking PLUS ULTRA from the get-go!

First, the Trello confirms what we already knew: this isn’t your mama’s Roblox experience. This will have iconic heroes like Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, and the whole gang, each with their own Quirks and styles.

Want to blast enemies with explosive sweat? Bakugo’s your man. Yearn to float like a majestic bird and shower explosive feathers of justice? Todoroki’s got your back. And of course, Deku’s going to be here, Detroit Smashing his way through the competition.

But it’s not just about the heroes. The Trello board hints at a whole smorgasbord of iconic locations ripped straight from the MHA universe. U.A. High? Check. Ground Beta? Check. Hosu City? Check.

Explore these familiar stomping grounds, relive your favourite MHA moments, and maybe even discover some new hidden secrets along the way.

Accessing MY HERO ACADEMIA BATTLEGROUNDS Official Trello & Discord

Head over to the MHA Battlegrounds Trello and Discord and get ready to GO BEYOND.

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