Myth Gods of Asgard best builds: Top hero builds for global meta

Myth: Gods of Asgard is a new mobile game that tells the story of divine battles and epic legends. You have the ability to incarnate the Norse gods and immerse yourself in the ultimate aestheticization of bloodshed in this action RPG based on Norse mythology.

To overcome Ragnarok’s oncoming doom and fight legendary opponents such as Nidhogg, Fenrir, and Jörmungandr, you must master the skill of Hack ‘n’ Slash combat. Your combat abilities will determine Asgard’s fate, and your agility in avoiding and perfect attack timing will be the key to victory.

Myth Gods of Asgard best builds: Our recommendations

In this guide, we’ll look at the Myth Gods of Asgard best builds for various characters helping you harness unimaginable power, optimizing your abilities, and preparing the path for divine victories.

Immortal Hero, Siegried Build

Siegfried is a powerful melee hero who wields the Divine Sword Gram. He’s a brute, dealing huge damage with his skills, particularly the powerful shockwave that affects enemies in a range.

He’s a popular choice among many beginners due to his excellent damage and survival abilities. Just keep in mind that he isn’t the fastest, and perfecting his skills takes time, as attackers might come from any direction.

Character Specialties

  • Normal Attack 1 [Dragon-Slasher] and Special Skill 1 [Mighty Slash] boost his attack, unleashing devastating damage.
  • Powerful Skill 1 [Bloody Dance] draws in nearby enemies and increases Siegfried’s attack when he deals damage or loses HP.
  • Special Skill 2 [Frenzied Slash] grants [Frenzy], allowing Siegfried to use his Special Skills without cooldown for a short time.

Remember to adjust your skills based on the actual battle situation during preparation.

Deck Recommendations

Siegfried’s build
By Clashiverse

When picking cards, focus on matching hero specialties and special effects of active skill cards. Pair active cards with suitable passive ones to maximize your fighting potential. For example, you can combine Baldr’s [Light Beam] with [Scary Nightmare] and [Radiant Light] to enhance your abilities.

Siegfried’s Build

  • Primary God Card: Choose from Sif, Frigg, Odin, and Baldr, with Odin and Baldr being top priorities.
  • Normal Attack: If you go for Normal Attack 2 [Dragon-Striker], use Sif cards for better results.
  • Powerful Attack: For Powerful Skill 1 [Bloody Dance], Frigg cards work wonders by helping to recover HP.
  • Special Attack: Special Skill 1 [Mighty Slash] works well with Odin or Baldr cards, triggering their effects continuously. If you have Special Skill 2 [Frenzied Slash], boost the burst damage using Sif cards.

Ullr, the God of Winter

As an archer, Ullr excels at long-range attacks and deals massive damage to enemies. However, he lacks mobility and survivability, making him challenging to control for beginners.

Character Specialties

Ullr boasts the longest attack range among the current heroes, making him a popular choice in campaigns and arenas.

  • His Normal Attack 1 [Precise Shot] and Powerful Skill 3 [Wide-Range Barrage] grant attack buffs, significantly boosting damage output.
  • Additionally, Powerful Skill 1 [Freezing Barrage] can Freeze enemies for 2s, doubling the duration at Lv. 3.
  • Special Skill 3: [Phantom Shot] summons [Hunter’s Shadow], which can be multiplied at Lv. 2, copying the next Special Attack. Use [Phantom Shot] strategically due to its 6s cooldown.

Deck Recommendations

Ullr build
By Clashiverse

To enhance Ullr’s skills, consider matching hero specialties and utilizing active skill cards’ special effects.

  • For Normal Attack 2 [Hunter’s Shot], pair it with Sif for increased damage or Frigg to summon Maids.
  • For Powerful Skill 3 [Wide-Range Barrage], combine it with cards offering damage effects like Odin’s [God Punishment] or Baldr’s [Light Beam] for optimal attack radius utilization.
  • When using Special Skill 1 [Multi-Shot], enhance HP recovery with Frigg cards.


How do I create powerful character builds?

To create powerful character builds in Myth Gods of Asgard, focus on matching hero specialties and utilizing active skill cards’ special effects.

Combine active cards with compatible passive ones to maximize your character’s combat potential.

What are character builds in Myth Gods of Asgard?

Character builds refer to the combination of skills, abilities, and equipment chosen for a specific character. Creating a strong build is essential for optimizing your character’s performance and success in battles.

Can I change my character’s build during the game?

Yes, you can adjust your character’s build at any time during the game, except during battles. Be flexible and adapt your build based on the challenges you face.

That’s all for today! Before you leave don’t forget to check out the new and active list of Myth Gods of Asgard codes.

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