Pet Sim 99: How to Find All 50 Christmas Presents (With Zone Locations)

It’s that time of year again – the snow is falling, the eggnog is flowing, and most importantly, presents are GALORE in Pet Simulator 99!

But where are all these presents hiding? In this Pet Simulator 99, All Present Locations guide we will be your trusty map, your Rudolph in the fog, your hot cocoa on a chilly day.

We’ll lead you to every present, from the ones nestled in familiar nooks to the ones tucked away in secret corners.

Pet Simulator 99: All Present Locations (Present Hunt Update)

1Find a hidden gift between zones 1 and 2.Zone 1
2Explore the castle exterior for a surprise waiting on the side.Zone 3
3Right by the Pets Equipped machine, another gift beckons.Zone 4
4Scale the rewards area after conquering the Classic Obby in Zone 5.Zone 5 (Obby)
5Seek behind the cherry blossom tree near the player upgrade icon.Zone 6
6Explore crates by the barnyard for a hidden treasure.Zone 7
7Near the entrance, discover a present to the left of the Enchants vending machine.Zone 9
8Adjacent to the Minefield mini-game entrance, a can’t-miss gift awaits.Zone 11
9Secure a reward at the end of the Minefield mini-game in Zone 11.Zone 11 (Obby)
10A well-hidden present awaits behind the tree opposite the Free Potions chest in Zone 17.Zone 17
11Navigate the Jungle Obby to find a surprise in the first nook by the rolling boulder section.Zone 18 (Obby)
12Dive into a cave by the anchor, swim up, and spot a present on the ceiling in Zone 22.Zone 22
13Dive into the Atlantis mini-game, stick to the right, and discover a hidden gift in a pearl shell.Zone 23 (Obby)
14Uncover a surprise behind the tall tower on the left as you enter Zone 27.Zone 27
15On the sand dune inside the Fishing mini-game (on the right-hand side) in Zone 27.Zone 27 (Obby)
16Locate a gift in the corner on the right as you enter the Fossil Digsite mini-game in Zone 30.Zone 30 (Obby)
17Inside the Rainbow Pet Machine, you’ll find a surprise waiting in Zone 31.Zone 31
18Explore the Pyramid Obby to find a present right before the spikes part in Zone 31.Zone 31 (Obby)
19Perched on top of a cactus in Zone 32, discover another hidden present.Zone 32
20Behind the General Store’s right-hand shed, there’s a sneakily hidden present in Zone 33.Zone 33
21Spot a present behind the tree in the top left of the area in Zone 35.Zone 35
22In front of the middle house, discover a well-placed gift in Zone 37.Zone 37
23Unearth another gift stuck inside the ice on the wall in Zone 38.Zone 38
24Next to the Advanced Merchant, atop the snowman’s head, find an amusingly placed gift in Zone 39.Zone 39
25At the zone entrance, find a present on top of the roof of the first house in Zone 40.Zone 40
26To the right of the Sled Race mini-game entrance, spot a gift waiting in Zone 40.Zone 40
27Discover a surprise under the waterfall of the hot spring on the right as you enter Zone 41.Zone 41
28Uncover a present hidden in the lava on the left-hand side of the area in Zone 43.Zone 43
29Greet the Obsidian Cave entrance with a present waiting at Zone 44.Zone 44
30Inside the Chest Rush mini-game, near the end, find a gift waiting in Zone 45.Zone 45 (Obby)
31Peer inside the mouth of the dinosaur skeleton next to the big chest in Zone 46.Zone 46
32Seek out a present hidden in the top-left corner of the area in Zone 48.Zone 48
33By the gate to the left of the Rebirth 2 statue, discover a surprise in Zone 50.Zone 50
34Directly opposite the statue, behind the pink cherry blossom tree, another gift awaits in Zone 50.Zone 50
35Find a present inside the Fire Dojo on the left, next to the Rare Enchants vending machine.Zone 51
36Find the hidden gift on the roof of the third house as you exit the bridge.Zone 51
37Spot a present behind the right house in Zone 52 within the bamboo shoots near the houses opposite the Rainbow Fruit Machine.Zone 52
38Between houses in the Cozy Village, on the left, as you enter, discover a present in Zone 59.Zone 53 (Obby)
39At the back of the Flower Field by the little bridge on the left, a somewhat camouflaged gift awaits in Zone 54.Zone 54
40Behind the shed on the right as you enter the area, find another hidden present in Zone 55.Zone 55
41Behind the wall just left of the Clan Banner, discover a present in Zone 56.Zone 56
42Inside the moat (the water) of the Fairytale Castle on the left-hand side, uncover a hidden gift in Zone 58.Zone 58
43Between houses in the Cozy Village, on the left as you enter, discover a present in Zone 59.Zone 59
44By the portal to the Cart Ride Into Preston mini-game, find a present in Zone 61.Zone 61
45Inside the Cart Ride mini-game, a present hides behind the cart in Zone 61.Zone 61 (Obby)
46On the other side of the area, near the crystals, discover another gift in Zone 61.Zone 61
47In the corner on the right immediately after you enter the area, find a hidden present in Zone 62.Zone 62
48In the corner on the left next to the Snow Merchant, another gift awaits in Zone 63.Zone 63
49Hidden in the left corner by the entrance to the next zone, a third gift awaits in Zone 63.Zone 63
50Inside the Trading Plaza, uncover the final present under the leaderboard on the left.Trading Plaza

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That’s all for today! We hope this guide has helped you jingle all the way to a present-filled paradise.