Pet Simulator 99 Scripts [NEW] March 2024: Auto Farm

Tired of grinding for coins and eggs in Pet Simulator 99? Want to automate tasks and maximize your pet collection? Pet Simulator 99 scripts can help you automate repetitive tasks, gain an edge in minigames, and even unlock hidden secrets.

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Are there any working Pet Simulator 99 Scripts in March 2024?

Yes, we have updated this list of Pet Simulator 99 scripts for March 2024! Furthermore, we’ve got more working auto scripts coming to our Pet Simulator 99 GitHub Wiki. So, stay tuned for new updates and more awesome scripts.

Pet Simulator 99
Image designed by Clashiverse



Teleport to Egg Zone Center | Auto Claim Rank Rewards | Auto Collect Coins/Lootbags/Diamonds


Teleport to Main World | Auto Atlantis | Disable Egg Animation | Auto Claim Rank Rewards


Auto Claim Daily Chests | Auto Unlock Eggs


Auto Place Flag, Auto Fast Pets Pastebin


Auto Farm Quest + Coins Script Pastebin


Free Game pass Script Pastebin


How To Use Scripts in Pet Simulator 99?

To use Roblox Pet Simulator 99 scripts for free game pass, auto farm, and other cool features, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download Roblox Executor

Choose a Roblox Executor like Arceus X, krnl, Fluxus, Script-Ware, Script-Ware M, or Synapse. Download and install the executor you prefer.

Step 2: Open the Executor and Log In

Launch the executor and log in using your Roblox account details.

Step 3: Launch the Pet Simulator 99

Find and start playing Pet Simulator 99.

Step 4: Enable the Executor

Locate and click on the executor icon. If prompted, copy the key provided.

Step 5: Access Script Hub

While playing Pet Simulator 99, open this Script Hub.

Step 6: Copy and Paste a Working Scripts

From the list of working scripts above, copy and paste the ones you need into Script Hub.

Step 7: Execute the Script

Run the script you wish to activate.

What is Pet Simulator 99?

Pet Simulator 99 released by BIG Games Pets is a Roblox game where you collect, raise, and battle adorable pets in an exciting and vibrant world. Hatch eggs filled with surprises, unleash unique pet abilities on your opponents and win challenging minigames.

That concludes our list for today. All of Pet Simulator 99’s auto features are fully accessible once you run any of the aforementioned scripts.