Project Smash Script Commands February 2024: Auto Attack, Anti Fall

If you’ve played a Roblox game on PC before, then you’ve probably used script commands at some point. These act a little bit like a debug menu, but of course, you can use them to cheat to your heart’s content as well if you want.

We’ll run you through how to use script commands in Project Smash and all the scripts we know of. 

Roblox Project Smash script commands list (February 2024)

These popular script commands for Project Smash will help you to unlock features like Auto Attack, Anti Fall, and more.

Auto Attack | Anti Fall


How to apply script commands in Project Smash

To enter script commands in Project Smash, you need to download an executor. Various Executors are available online, both free and paid. Some popular are Krnl, Hydrogen, etc. Follow the steps given below once you have downloaded an executor.

  • Open the Executor application and run the Project Smash game in the background.
  • Copy the script from the list and paste it inside the input script section of your executor.
  • Click on the Run prompt to start the execution process.
  • After you see a success notification, the relevant auto features will be unlocked.

About Project Smash

Project Smash on Roblox is a thrilling, free-to-play experience that mixes the intense combat of platform fighters with the iconic characters and worlds of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise.

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