Psychic Idle Ability Guide Wiki 2023 – Best Skills Build

It’s not easy getting around the world of Psychic Idle. Without the right ability and best skills build, you won’t be able to make it very far. So to help you out we decided to curate this ultimate Psychic Idle ability guide.

This guide will help you win battles and defeat monsters easily, as we have given in-depth details about core game mechanics such as growth progression, quantum jump, abilities & special abilities, skillsets, and more.

Psychic Idle Ability Guide


Growth is a section that contains many ways for you to progress within Psychic Idle. Each of them contributes in their own way and can increase your Combat Power to help you progress.

The first tab is called Growth and it contains your main abilities as well as Crit stats. You can use gold to upgrade each Ability. The Ability rate per level of Main Ability (ATK, HP, DEF, EP, HP Recovery, EP Recovery) will increase in cost every 500 levels.

In general you can level all of your abilities evenly other than ATK. This is because all of your Superpowers scale off of ATK and it gives the biggest modifier to your Combat Power.

Growth in Psychic Idle

In-Depth Research

In-Depth Research (IDR) is your best friend for progression. IDR increases your Main Ability (ATK, HP, DEF, EP, HP Recovery, EP Recovery) by x1.02 for every level.

In order to increase your IDR level, you must level up your “Monster Research” level to be even for every monster in a given Chapter. You can see your current progression under Growth -> In-Depth Research. 

To level up your “Monster Research” for a given monster, you have to kill that monster until you have enough “resources”. You obtain these resources by killing that specific monster, and can increase the amount you receive by upgrading your Material Drop %.


Enlightenment is a time-based upgrade that will increase all of your Main Abilities by x1.02 for every level. To start an Enlightenment, you must pay with currency obtained from the Virtual Space battle, Enlightenment Stones. After paying, you must wait for the allotted time in order to receive the upgrade. You can spend Computer Parts to automatically finish the time.


Quantum Jump

Quantum Jump increases your Main Abilities by x1.04 with a % chance to happen. Every level decreases the % chance for it to be successful. It costs Quantum Energy from Dungeon battles to make an attempt, and on a failure it increases the Success Rate. You can use Enlightenment Stones from Virtual Space battles to increase the success rate as well.


Abilities modifiers to various stats within the game. Each ability page can have up to 5 slots, each upgrading a specific stat. These stats can upgrade Main Abilities, Battle Rewards, Battle Damage, and more.

Your Ability page starts off with one slot. In order to get more slots, you must upgrade to the next Grade for that page. Upgrading the Grade of a page is a random chance. Upon reaching the Hero Grade, you will unlock a new page. You can unlock up to 9 pages.

NOTE: The buff for the first slot on every page is 50% higher than all of the other slots. Therefore, your first slot should be your priority for a given page. 

You cannot set the same option on a different row. A.K.A you cannot have ATK on more than one slot on a page. 

Here are some examples of Ability pages:

Examples of an Attack Set; 

  1. Attack 
  2. Damage Dealt 
  3. Crit Rate 
  4. Crit Effect 
  5. Attack Speed 
  6. Attack 
  7. EP (If using Wide Range Superpowers) 
  8. Crit Effect 
  9. Crit Rate 
  10. Damage Dealt 

Example of CP Set; 

  1. Attack 
  2. HP 
  3. EP 
  4. EP Recovery 
  5. HP Recovery 

Example of Farm Set; 

  1. Material Drop Rate 
  2. Movement Speed 
  3. Attack Speed 
  4. Equipment Drop Rate 
  5. Attack 

Example of Battle Set; 

  1. Rewards from X Battle 
  2. Main Ability in X Battle 
  3. Attack 
  4. Movement Speed 
  5. Attack Speed

When rolling for that perfect first stat it is best to roll on the lowest tier slot you have for the cheapest upgrade cost. The tier of the Ability does NOT determine what can roll on them or not. Only how many rolls can be obtained. Once you get one slot Hero it is recommended to not roll on it anymore if you haven’t gotten the first roll you’re aiming for and move on to the next slot for a cheaper upgrade cost. If you’re super unlucky and get them all to Hero without getting your desired first roll then just continue to reroll.

I would prioritize getting a CP/Attack Set and a Farming set before focusing on Battle Sets as Attack/CP sets will allow you to push higher stages to unlock more content and Farming sets will help you farm Research and Nano Particles at a higher rate.

Special Ability

Special Ability is an upgrade menu that allows you to specialize in different areas. Each Special Ability has a different effect. Every time you upgrade Special Abilities, your Main Ability is increased by x1.01. The costs also increase for every level.

When the Special Ability reaches a certain level, a new Special Ability unlocks. You can use Gems to reset all levels to allocate points again. All upgrade materials are returned when resetting.

What to Upgrade:

  1. Lv. 10 Absorb HP
  2. Lv. 70 Reuse
  3. Put all points into Harmony

The first 80 points in Special Ability aren’t as important. They are mainly a way for you to unlock Harmony which is the best Special Ability. Harmony increases your Main Ability %.


Battles are small instances zones that require you to kill monsters. For every monster that you kill, you get a reward. The rewards include gold, equipment, and a currency for that specific battle. Each Battle gives a unique currency that can be used to improve growth.

Keys are obtained through Daily Quests, Main Quests, Attendance, Battle Pass, Chests, etc. Keys are not used if you leave the battle early, so if you mess up or want to test damage you can go back to Village and retry.

You should also have an Ability page for each of these Battles. Check out the Growth -> Ability section for more information on creating an Ability page for a specific Battle.


Once you have completed a Battle, you can “Sweep” the battle. This auto-completed the battle and gives you the rewards from your attempt that had the greatest rewards. This means that if you complete a battle during the X2 Hot Time, then you can sweep after and get the rewards from that.

Generally you should try to save keys until the X2 Hot Times.

Here is a general guide on Skill sets to use for all of the Battle’s:

Psychic Idle Skills Build

Underground Mall

Underground Mall is BY FAR the best battle. The currency from Underground Mall is used across many parts of the game that will help you progress.

Superpowers to use:

You can use whatever superpowers work best for you, but generally using either multiple Wide Range superpowers or a single Basic with various Upgrades will help you the most.

The most important thing to get the most amount of kills here is that you have Hyper Focus and/or Ultimate. These boost your Move Speed which will allow you to kill three full waves of monsters.

You should also have an Ability page setup specifically for Underground Mall. The first slot on the page should be “Increase Underground Mall Reward”, and the rest should be buffing Move Speed, Atk, Atk Speed, and Main Ability X in Underground Mall.

Example Pages:

Psychic Idle Underground Mall

Spending Currency Priority


  1. Build ALL Computers
  2. Increase Underground Mall Reward % in Computer to get 100k+ per key
  3. Increase Material Drop % in Computer to at least 700%
  4. Increase Equipment Drop % to at least 500%
  5. Two routes:
    1. Enlightenment
      1. Do this when at a CP wall that would unlock content
    2. Increase other Battle Reward %
      1. Do this generally otherwise

You should mainly be using the rewards from Underground Mall to upgrade your Computers. Your first mission should be to build ALL Computers, as they are all good.

Next, you should upgrade your “Increase Underground Mall Reward”. This is because you want the max amount of reward per key as you can get. You want this early on so that you can invest in other things without wasting keys early.

Material Drop % is important after because this is what you use to farm monsters for In-Depth Research.

Equipment Drop % is good because it gives chests which gives gems. It’s subtle, but it helps in the long-run. 

After the previous three, you can go two different routes. You can speed up some Enlightenments, as it is a direct boost to CP. If you’re at a CP wall that would unlock more content or higher levels of Underground Mall, then it may be good to do some Enlightenment. 

Otherwise, increasing Battle % rewards on other Battles such as Virtual Space and Defense is always a good option.

Optimally Building Computers

Underground Mall currency is used on a lot of things, so you want to upgrade them optimally if you can. The scaling for cost increase on Computers is static, so you don’t have to worry about exponential costs.

If you don’t want to calculate every level, the general ratio to upgrade computers is:

  • 125 Grey = 25 Green = 5 Blue = 1 Purple

This just means that for every 1 upgrade on a Purple Computer, you should have upgraded your Grey computer 125 times and so on.


5 waves of enemies will follow along a route and you must kill all of the enemies to get the most amount of currency. The difference in Defense is that you can get help from others! The only drawback with this is that they must also be in your Village, which is region based.

To play with another person, you must enter the same Village and then enter the same Defense level around the same time.

World Boss

This is the first boss of that game that you will get to fight. It is a monster that does not die, and your objective is to deal as much damage to it as possible within the time limit.

At first you may die, but as you grow stronger you’ll gain enough HP to not have to worry about dying.

Rewards are given based on the damage dealt. Keys are not used if you leave the battle early.

Daily rewards are given based on how much damage you did in comparison to other players. There is a leaderboard in-game that shows these rewards.

Example Ability Page

Example Ability Page

Crit REG

Crit Reg means Crit Resistance. It reduces the chance of you being hit by a critical attack and reduces the damage takes from a critical attack. We’re assuming that it was a poor translation. Here is a note from the developers:

Crit Reg works in the opposite way to Crit Rate. For example, if a player with a Crit Rate of 100 attacks a monster with a Crit Reg of 0, all attacks will be critical. However, if a player with a Crit Rate of 100 attacks a monster with a Crit Reg of 50, the critical activation rate of the attack will be 50%.

In addition, in the case of Crit Reg, it also has the effect of reducing critical damage.

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