Rage Mage Beginner Guide – Gems & Relics

Rage Mage is a latest online RPG developed by ‘Modo Global’ for mobile devices. Since the game is very new, many players are constantly searching online for Rage Mage beginner guide, so we have come up with a guide for beginners that will cover the important aspects of the game.

So, without any further delay come and check out the new Rage Mage guide for beginners.

Rage Mage Beginner Guide Wiki

If you want to activate your weapon make sure it has crit stats on it. why? is said the “current equipment” “additional” 100% crit. it means if you have 4% crit stat on a weapon it will 2x it so it will be 8% crit

If you see (headgear, top, belt, or bottom) they don’t have “current equipment” and 8 or 10% depending on your gear level means they give solid resistance stats

The bracer and gloves are the same as weapons if you don’t have the stat in the potential stats do not activate it.

  • Bracer = restrict
  • Gloves = counter

The necklace potential stats have “current equipment gains additional 50 of Hp, Atk, Def ” the 50% stats he will be getting off only in the necklace himself not your character stats so better get great gear tier and lvl first like z 95-100 or sz tier before to activate potential.



Flower of Life

  • Max HP+15 % – Level 1
  • Max HP + 16.5% – Level 2
  • Max HP+ 18% – Level 3

Energy Drink

  • HP Regen for each round+ 1800 – Level 1
  • HP Regen for each round +2400 – Level 2

Magic Bracelet

  • Mojo+20% – Level 1
  • Mojo +21% – Level 2
  • Mojo+22% – Level 3
  • Moio+ 23% – Level 4

Purple Chalice

  • Highest of the five Special Stats + 10% – Level 1
  • Highest of the five Special Stats +11% – Level 2
  • Highest of the five Special Stats + 12% – Level 3


  • Crystal Hourglass
  • Shadow Plume
  • Dragon Soulstone
  • Eye of the Storm
  • Blazing Fang
  • Bloodseeker Heart
  • Loud Olifant
  • Fable of Rebirth


  • Golden Emblem
  • Azure Emblem
  • Scarlet Emblem
  • Emblem of Light

Rage Mage Gem Guide

ItemQtyCost (Diamonds)Cost per Gem
Premium Gem (lvl 4)180029.63
Low Tier Chart1158 
Mid Tier Chart1228 
High Tier Chart1298 

Tables are best viewed in Desktop mode.

Gem Crafting Guide

LevelAmount of lvl1 gem requiredCost by buying lvl1 Gem (Diamonds)

1 level 4 gem is made up of 3^(4-1) = 27 lvl1 gems so I’ve done ‘Cost per Gem’ as if you were buying 27 gems. (30*27) – 800 = 10 So you’re saving 10 gems by buying the 800 pack.

With that I conclude this Rage Mage beginner guide in which I have tried by best to cover about important Cards, Relics & Runes in the game.

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