Risk of Rain Returns: Getting Gold for Ruins of the Future

OK first some backstory: at the moment I first attempted the new Ruins of the Future Trial in Risk of Rain Returns, I immediately balked at the idea of having to kill 25 spiders across an open map.

For some inexplicable reason, I decided that mapping out every single spider and scanning for the most optimal route would be faster than simply playing the actual game.

I’ve decided to write this guide for those who are too lazy to explore ruins and smack spiders on their own. And now we’re here.

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Ruins of the Future Trial: The Map

Map for Ruins of the Future Trial in Risk of Rain Return game
Screenshot by Clashiverse

Here it is. The fruit of my labor.

This stitched map should include every spider and available item. As you can see, there are more than 25 spiders on the map, giving you some freedom in how you navigate the map. So, do feel free and try working out your own path to attempt and play through.

The right side of the ruins has a higher concentration of spiders, making it a good place to start.

If you are still too lazy to pick your own path, here’s one that I think is fairly straightforward and should net you 25 spiders exactly:

Map number 2 for Ruins of the Future Trial in Risk of Rain Return game
Screenshot by Clashiverse

General Tips

  • Avoid combat when needed.
  • Aim to get a Hopoo Feather early on.
  • A good route should allow you to make mistakes and deal with enemies when it gets overwhelming, so don’t be afraid to slow down when required.
  • Still, try to maintain your pace, otherwise you’ll get swarmed by enemies, and they’ll block your grapples.
  • Always use Loader’s secondary skill (Debris Shield) whenever it’s off cooldown, but preferably after killing a spider to not waste the speed boost.
  • At around the half-way mark, you should have stocked up enough grapples (dropped by the spiders) so you shouldn’t need to pause and pick them up all the time.
  • Once you get two red whips, you can avoid getting any further items.
  • Hard light Afterburners and Brilliant Behemoths are bait. You do not need them.
  • You can grapple the magma worm for upward momentum!
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