Anime Catching Simulator Tier List (2024)

Anime Catching Simulator is a popular game on Roblox that offers a range of game passes, allowing you to access additional features and perks that enhances gameplay experience.

In this Anime Catching Simulator tier list article, we will be discussing the different game pass available, providing a comprehensive review of each tier and outlining their benefits. This article is a must-read for any Anime Catching Simulator player who wants to unlock new features and gain an advantage over their opponents.

Anime Catching Simulator Tier List

The tier list depends on the impact and price of the game pass in the game, the first game pass (or most left) in each category is the most suggested one.

Anime Catching Simulator game pass tier list

S tier

Must have game pass:

  • Heroes +3 (699 robux), the best game pass so far since it highly increases your click per power in the game
  • Dust x2 (699 robux), this game pass is highly recommended when you go dungeons often, since dust is a big boost in weapons and also in upgrades of stats, the machine can be found in every world

A tier

Good game pass, may be your next option when you want to buy more games after buying the S tier:

  • Double Money (999 robux), this game pass should be your next option after buying the ones in the S tier, if the price is not that high, this game pass will be in the S tier.  Money plays a critical factor, it is used in getting weapons and capturing pets which is the main concept of the game, with less money, you will have some difficulty in advancing to different worlds
  • Easy Weapon Fuse (999 robux), this game pass may be important for most people since having greater quality of weapons would boost your progress in the game, thus having just 4 instead of 5 weapons to fuse will save so much time
  • Easy Hero Fuse (799 robux), same as easy weapon fuse, this game pass may save your time but it has lower tier than easy weapon fuse because it is more difficult to find weapons than capturing pets
  • Auto Clicker (299 robux), the auto clicker may be some important for some players, since other people use their own auto clicker this may be irrelevant for them, though for players who don’t have it, this may be an important game pass for you especially if you want to progress easier, though it will remain in the lower side of A tier because the auto clicker may be a bit slow
  • Triple Hatch (349 robux), this game pass is actually good since if you have grind a long time and gained money, hatching quicker would save you time, this triple hatch would probably be a good one after buying S tier game pass

B tier

Mediocre, options if you want to progress faster in the game:

  • VIP (349 robux), this game pass would probably the top in the B tier since despite the rainbow tag, having a 25% money boost will be a help in the game
  • Magic Hatch (1699 robux), this game pass would be great for players who are willing to spend some amount in the game, since having the chance to gain 1-2 stars of weapons would be great, though it still depends on the luck and how efficient you can defeat mobs
  • Fast hatch (299 robux), this game pass would just probably increase the speed of triple hatch that would be a great combo, with also a low price it may help the players get their desired weapon in the game
  • Lucky Enchanting (1699 robux), this game pass would be great who are willing to spend robux in the game, in which it increases the chance of having more stats of their weapon, though due to the price, it was put in the B tier
  • Small Hero Storage & Small Weapon Storage (149 robux each), this game pass may not be useful for some players, but since it has a low price compared to other game pass, this may help specially if you are AFK  hatching or collecting pets to sell
  • Luck (199 robux), this game pass also remains in the B tier since with being one of the cheapest game pass in the game, it may boost your luck.

C tier

Least priority game pass for some players:

  • Super Luck (599 robux), this game pass will be at the c tier due to its high price despite boosting your luck, though this game pass may be relevant if you want to get those rare weapons easily, but due to the price it will be in the C tier
  • Ultra Luck (1999 robux), same as super luck, having luck is great for the game but due to its high price, it is moved to the lower tier)
  • Heroes Storage & Weapon storage (299 robux each), for some players, many storages may be irrelevant to them, but this game pass may take place to afk players and collectors
  • Super Heroes Storage & Super Weapon Storage (499 robux each), same with the other storage game pass, it may be irrelevant to some players, and this game pass stands at the least important due to its price.

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Special thanks to Discord user @Yiegraff for this Anime Catching Simulator Tier List. With this guide you’ll be able to catch all those elusive anime characters like a pro in no time. And who knows, you might even catch a rare anime character that’s worth bragging about to your friends.

Just don’t let it go to your head too much, or you might end up spending all your Robux on game passes.

Happy Catching!