Roblox Anime Spirits Boss Guide: Locations & Rewards

In the world of Anime Spirits, there are many powerful bosses that you can fight. These bosses can be found on different islands, and they drop valuable rewards when defeated.

These bosses are not easy to defeat, but they drop valuable accessories, weapons, items, and even gems when you do.

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Anime Spirits Boss Guide

Here is a list of all the Anime Spirits bosses, their locations, and the rewards they drop:

Bandit Boss

  • Location: Dawn Island
  • Drops: Eye Patch (Accessory)

Gorilla King

  • Location: Monkey Island
  • Drops: Gorilla King Crown (Accessory)

Axe Hand Morgan

  • Location: Marine Island
  • Drops: Axe Hand and Metal Jaw (Accessory)


  • Location: Hidden Village
  • Drops: Ninja Headband (Accessory)


  • Location: Desert Island
  • Drops: Sand Gourd (Accessory)


  • Location: Forest Island
  • Drops: Snake Belt (Accessory)


  • Location: West City
  • Drops: Scouter (Accessory)


  • Location: Snow Island
  • Drops: Freiza Helmet (Accessory)


  • Location: Floating Building
  • Drops: Wristbands (Accessory)


  • Location: Monkey Island
  • Drops: Kiribachi (Weapon), Shark Hat (Accessory), Unseal Tag (Item), 25 Gems (100%)


  • Location: Forest Island
  • Drops: Executioner Blade (Weapon), Mist Gloves (Accessory), Unseal Tag (Item), Lightning (Item), 400 Gems (100%)

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