Roblox Anime Spirits Souls Tier List: Best Souls Guide

Souls are the key to unlocking the powers of your favourite anime characters in the newly released Roblox Anime Spirits game. They are necessary components to make an anime great, be it Goku’s Super Saiyan transformation or Naruto’s Rasengan.

But with so many Souls available to us in Anime Spirits game, it can be difficult to decide which ones are actually worth obtaining. This is the point where my carefully curated Anime Spirits Souls tier list becomes useful.

This Anime Spirits tier list is supported by in-depth research, testing, and feedback about different souls from the Anime Spirits community; it is not just a compilation of opinions.

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Update logs:

  • Changed the ranking of Invisible Soul from Tier C to Tier D.

Anime Spirits Souls Tier List

Here is the ranking of all Souls that I was able to find in the game.

S — Tier Souls

  • Broly Soul
  • Goku Soul

A — Tier Souls

  • Luffy Soul
  • Eneru Soul

B — Tier Souls

  • Frieza Soul
  • Naruto Soul
  • Krillin Soul
  • Buggy Soul

C — Tier Souls

  • Sakura Soul

D — Tier Souls

  • Invisible Soul

Anime Spirits Souls FAQs

What are Souls?

Souls are required to unlock the powers of your favorite anime characters. They are crucial to what makes an anime character outstanding.

How can I obtain Souls?

There are many ways to obtain Souls in Anime Spirits. You can find them on the ground, most often beneath trees, on any island.

Which Soul is the best in Anime Spirits?

The best Soul in Anime Spirits is the Broly Soul. It is an S-Tier Soul that gives you access to Broly’s powerful attacks, such as Gigantic Roar and Super Saiyan C.

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