Roblox Asura Clans Tier List Guide (Best Clans Wiki 2024)

Asura is a Roblox game based on the popular manga and anime series Kengan Omega. In Asura, you can choose to join one of 8 clans, each with its own unique perks. These perks can give you a variety of advantages, such as increased strength, durability, or speed.

The rarity of each clan varies, with some being much rarer than others. The rarest clan is the Senko Clan, which is only available to those who have reached the highest level in the game. The Kure Clan is another rare clan, and it is known for its powerful regeneration ability.

In this guide, I’ll explain which clans are considered as the best clans in Asura.

Roblox Asura Clans Tier List – Best Clans Wiki

Here is a list of all the clans in Asura, organized by tier and rarity:

S tier (Rare)

Senko (1%)


  • 10% Strength Gain
  • 10% Speed Gain


  • Mode: Godspeed

Eyes are stuck blue, Yes you can get glowing eyes.

Kure (1%)


  • 10% Strength Gain
  • 10% Durability Gain


  • Mode: Removal

A tier (Uncommon)

Bakufu (5%)


  • 5% Strength Gain

Fumetsu (5%)


  • 5% Durability Gain

Furion (5%)


  • 5% Speed Gain

B tier (Uncommon)

Ganiz (5%)


  • 2.5% Muscle Gain

Raiyaku (5%)


  • 5% Striking Speed Gain

C tier (Common)

Clanless (73%)


  • None

Due to the lack of added abilities granted by the Common clans, they are all in the C-tier. They are all the same, so if you are only able to roll Common clans, choose the one with the coolest name.