Roblox Asura Trello, Discord, & Codes Wiki

Asura is a fighting Roblox game loosely based on Kengan Omega, where you can train to becoming the best fighter and become the Asura Champion.

The developer has also created an Asura Trello board for new players to help them get started and stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

The Trello board is a central hub for information, including updates, new features, and progress reports. It is a great place to find out what’s new in the game and how to get the most out of it.

The Asura Discord server is another great resource for players. It is a place to communicate with other players, plan strategies, and share experiences. It is a great way to find friends and make new allies.

Roblox Asura Trello & Discord Links

See below for official links to Trello and Discord. I personally checked it to ensure that it’s authentic. So, you are free to dive straight in and discover everything about the game.

Asura Codes

Here is the list of working Asura codes:

  • NONE!

Asura Controls

  • Q = Dash (Can dash twice)
  • M1 = Punch/Clashing
  • M2 = Block Break
  • F = Block/Perfect Block
  • WW = Run
  • E = Toggle Run/Sprint

Asura GUI

  • Backpack – Inventory
  • Face – Emotes
  • Speaker -In game Audios
  • Money Bag – Dev Products
  • Hanger – Accessories
  • Red Bar – Health
  • Blue Bar – Stamina
  • Yellow Bar – Hunger
  • Small Green Bar – Muscle Maintenance
  • Small Red Bar – Fat Maintenance


What is Trello, and how is it related to Asura?

Trello is an online collaboration tool that helps developers, such the ones behind Asura, plan and monitor the progress of their projects. It is also the major location for game-related news, updates, and development updates.

Is the Trello board regularly updated?

Yes, the Asura Trello board is regularly updated to keep the community informed about ongoing progress in the game.

What can I do on the Asura Discord server?

On the official Discord server, you can chat with other players, seek help or advice, form teams, participate in events, and stay up-to-date with announcements from the developers.

With that we conclude this post on the official Asura Trello, Discord, and Codes Wiki.

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