Closest Answer Wins Answers Guide (2024) [NEW GAME]

Closest Answer Wins is a fun new Roblox game in which a regular trip to the carnival took a strange twist. A mysterious force has trapped you inside a glass box and it’s slowly filling up with water. To survive, you have to answer questions as accurately as possible. Your chances of surviving are improved the closer your answer is near the correct one. But be be careful! If you give an incorrect answer, more water will be added to the container.

We’ll help you with some of the challenging questions you might face in easy and hard mode with this handy Closest Answer Wins answers Guide. This guide has everything you need to improve your chances of survival or simply become a better guesser.

So, here is the comprehensive list of the Roblox Closest Answer Wins answers.

Roblox Closest Answer Wins answers

Closest Answer Wins answers guide
Image by Closest Community

Below, you can find the lists of the Roblox Closest Answer Wins answers for the Easy and Hard Mode.

Q: How many eyes does a bee have?

A: 5

Q: How many days are there in a leap year?

A: 366

Q: How many stripes are on the American flag?

A: 13

Q: How many layers are there in Earth’s?

A: 7

Q: Jamie reads 14 pages in her 38-page book. How many pages are left?

A: 24

Q: What does ‘M’ represent in Roman numerals?

A: The number 1,000

Q: What degree is a right angle?

A: 90 degrees

Q: How many zeroes in a trillion?

A: 12 zeroes

Q: How many valves does a Trumpet have?

A: 3

Q: How many ways can you make a change for US dollars?

A: 293

Q: How many squares are there in a chess board?

A: 64

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